Scott Rabalais on Will Wade suspenson, Joe Alleva comments

Rabalais joined "The Last Lap" on Wednesday night

Seth Dunlap
March 13, 2019 - 10:47 pm

With the Will Wade suspension looming over LSU's trek to the SEC basketball tournament, then their inevitable trip to the NCAA Tournament, fans are still searching for answers on why Wade is being suspended, how long the suspension may last, and if Wade's tenure at LSU is over.

Athletic Director Joe Alleva answered those questions, and more, in a telephone interview with the editorial board of The Advocate today.  Scott Rabalais, columnist for The Advocate, was part of the group speaking with Alleva today.   Rabalais wrote about that conversation today in The Advocate, and he also joined Seth Dunlap on "The Last Lap" tonight to give Tiger fans an update on this sordid situation. 

Listen to that conversation in the audio below, or by clicking here.

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