Chris Banjo

Saints special teams ace Chris Banjo now a mentor to young players

Seth Dunlap
August 03, 2019 - 7:26 pm

"I've got a little wedding cake.  A little wedding cake.  A little strawberry.  Watermelon.  I like to diversify a little bit."

Chris Banjo was describing the flavor of snoball he was eating after practice, but he's also diversified his skill set on the field.  Banjo has become a special teams ace for the Saints over the last two seasons, and is now considered a leader of that group with the organization.  He plays a pivotal role every week, but one that's often overlooked by fans who are more interested in fantasy points than special teams nuance.

Where Banjo was once a unknown at Saints camp, first arriving from Green Bay in 2016, he now is a mentor for the younger players at camp who see their path to the 53 man roster through special teams.

"Just compete," Banjo said, when asked what advice he gives the young guys.  "A lot of guys coming into the league are so used to being the guy at their school or whatever the case may be, but I tell them just keep that same competitive edge they have on offense or defense and bring that same mindset the special teams play.  And if you do that you'll have a (high) chance of being successful."

Offering advice is only half of the puzzle.  Those on the receiving end must be willing to accept it.  Thankfully for the Saints, Banjo said the young players are willing to learn.

"Me being an older guy, I have seen a couple things that a lot of young guys haven't seen.  Just me being able to relay that information, them being receptive to it, has been really beneficial."

Watch Banjo's comments after practice on Saturday in full in the video below.

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