A Podcast Has No Name, S8 E1: "Winterfell" recap

A 'Game of Thrones' podcast with Seth, 'Stina, Styles, TPot, & Kat

Seth Dunlap
April 15, 2019 - 7:56 pm

WWL Radio's critically acclaimed Game of Thrones podcast, "A Podcast Has No Name", returns for the final season of the beloved HBO series.

Join Seth Dunlap, Christina 'Stina' Molinario, Michael Styles, Kat, and TPot as they recap the first episode, titled "Winterfell".  The group debates the political intrigue in the North, discusses Cersei's latest parlay with Euron, and prophesize about the show's end.  

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*"A Podcast Has No Name" includes adult themes and some minor adult language*

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