Dave Aranda


LSU d-coordinator Dave Aranda speaks at Coaches Caravan

Seth Dunlap
June 24, 2019 - 4:57 pm

The LSU football team is primed to field one of the best defensive units in the country again this season.  The architect of that defense is coordinator Dave Aranda, who is entering his fourth season with the Tigers.

Aranda is known as one of the best defensive minds in the country, and his knowledge was on full display on Monday at the LSU Coaches Caravan in Metairie.  Aranda answered one question about the versatility of his defense with a look into how he teaches his players to read and react to an opposing offense.

"You like to be able to have a rush speed that is able to attack that protection," Aranda began.  "Trying to find out what their rules are, how they're counting, who they're ID-ing, and then once you know their rules you can dictate them.  You can move people around to get them to say, hey, left-left-left and they all slide to the left.  Get them to say five-oh, five-oh, five-oh and they man the five guys across."

That be a little football-nitty, but it's peak Aranda and one of the reason's why he's among the most desirable head coaching candidtates in the country. Watch his full conversation with Bobby Hebert, Deuce McAllister, and Kristian Garic in the video below.

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