Bobby Hebert: Thank God for Saints defense

Seth Dunlap
December 18, 2018 - 1:36 am

It's not in the past 13 seasons of Saints football that the post-game discussion involves topics like, "What's wrong with the Saints defense?"  That discussion is probably warranted now, after a third straight less-than-stellar night for the usually explosive New Orleans offensive attack in a 12-9 win over the Carolina Panthers.

Former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert says it's the team's defense that's now being forced to carry the offense -- a drastic turnaround from previous seasons.

"Now, can you play complimentary football?" Hebert asked in jest. "Can our offense play complimentary football to help the defense!"

That defense has been exceptional recently, not allowing over 20 points in any game since October.  

"Props go out to the defense," Hebert said.  "Three weeks ago I said I wasn't worried about the offense.  Well, that was three weeks ago.  All I know is, as of late, hell yeah I'm worried about the offense!"

You'd be pressed to find any three game stretch in the post-Katrina era where the Saints have struggled this mightily on offense.  They've scored just three points combined in the first quarter of the past three games, and just 10 points total in the first halves of those games.

"Under Sean Payton and Drew Brees, we've been on a run for more than a decade where you're never worried about the scoring offense.  You look at where we are now.  What the hell happened?" 

Hebert's question may be a bit unfair.  The Saints did put up 28 points against the Buccaneers, after all, and their struggles on the road in Dallas and at Carolina shouldn't be totally unexpected.  The Cowboys are fielding one of the league's most fearsome defensive units this season, and the Panthers are incredibly familiar with this complex Saints offense, having played New Orleans four times now in the past two seasons.  

"Thank god for the Saints defense," Hebert pointed out.  "Thank god for the Saints scoring defense.  What, three weeks in a row you don't give up a point in the second half?  This is the modern day NFL . . . I'm proud of the defense."

The Saints will try to continue their run of defensive dominance next week at home against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Listen to Hebert's full post-game commentary in the podcast below, or by clicking here.

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