Sep 24, 2017; Charlotte, NC, USA; New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson (28) runs the ball during the third quarter against the Carolina Panthers at Bank of America Stadium.

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Bobby Hebert talks Peterson trade, Goodell protest comments

The Cajun Cannon sounds off on the big NFL news of the day

Seth Dunlap
October 10, 2017 - 7:43 pm

The Saints made headlines today, as they traded away future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson to the Arizona Cardinals for a conditional draft pick. Peterson was a much-hyped addition to the Saints roster this offseason but failed to live up to expectations, amassing only 81 yards on 27 carries for a paltry 3.0 average per rush.   Former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert says that the trade will benefit everybody involved.

"Good for the Saints organization and (Peterson) for giving him an opportunity to finish his career somewhere else because he was basically going to get four or five carries . . ." Hebert said. "I think how Alvin Kamara. how he has all of the sudden looked like he's legit from the get-go, that's the one-two punch (with Mark Ingram)."

Peterson is likely in line for a much larger workload in Arizona where lead back David Johnson is on IR with an injury suffered in the opening week.  The system, and opportunity for touches, will likely benefit him more than his limited action here in New Orleans.

"When I look at Adrian Peterson, he can have a half a dozen carries in a Saints uniform," Hebert noted.  "He can go to the Cardinals and have 15-20 carries.  So this will benefit the Saints and possibly the Cardinals."

The other big NFL news of the day was commissioner Rodger Goodell's comments on the protests that have taken place during the national anthem.  Goodell sent a letter to owners and players making it clear that he expects everybody to stand for the anthem, and may even make the policy official during the annual league meetings in mid-October.  Hebert weighed in on the comments and said that he has a solution to the controversy.

"I still like my idea better than anyones," Hebert quipped.  "Stay in the locker room, have the national anthem, and come out and play the football game.  I think that would solve a lot."  

While that may not happen, at least anytime soon on a large scale across the league, there was one owner who once again made his thoughts on the matter known.  Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that any player on his team that did not stand for the national anthem wouldn't be playing for the Cowboys.  Hebert found that a bit hard to believe.

"Would he bench, now I don't think this will happen. . .what if Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott decide they are going to kneel down?" he asked.  "(Is Jones) going to say they can't play? I just don't see that."

Watch Bobby's full thoughts on the Peterson trade and Goodell's comments, plus his take on the LSU Tigers rebounding with a win against Florida last weekend, in the video below.

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