Bobby Hebert on the Saints "embarrassing" Week 17 performance

"That's alright, that's OK, we're in the playoffs anyway!"

Seth Dunlap
December 30, 2018 - 3:04 pm

While most of the New Orleans Saints faithful watching their ugly 33-14 loss to the Carolina Panthers would chalk the performance up to a team not having much to play for, there's one person who's not having it.

Former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert saw a team that didn't show up to play on Sunday in the Superdome, and won that didn't have much pride in their performance in front of a sellout crowd.

"Well, it's embarrassing.  You've got to be a pro. Gotta be a pro," Hebert said after the game on the Saints Radio Network.  "Sean Payton he didn't sugar coat anything.  I think the Who Dat Nation would embrace Sean Payton in his approach.  Come on, you've got to bring it.  It's not the fourth preseason game, trying to make the team.  This is a real NFL game.  You got embarrassed."

The Panthers jumped to a 23-0 lead before halftime, mainly on the back of third-string quarterback Kyle Allen who consistently dissected the Saints porous secondary that were playing their first-team unit.  Allen finished the game with 228 yards and two touchdown, and didn't commit a turnover.

"The Saints secondary -- what?  I mean, I don't know," a perplexed Hebert vented.  "Eli Apple, are we playing the Cowboys or Dallas.  P.J. Williams, we all embrace P.J. Williams and Eli apple,"  "I thought our secondary's play was horrendous.  I'm not going to sugar coat it, it is what it is."

The Saints failed to win their 14th game of the season, which would have been a franchise record.  Those superstitious fans may take solace in the loss, however, as there is now incredibly interesting similarities to the Saints Super Bowl winning season in 2009.

"In 2009 the Saints went 13-3.  Look what occurred," Hebert said.  "We has losses to the Bucs, Cowboys, and Panthers and then we won the Super Bowl.  So we won't even worry about this.  So, if that can occur that's going to be significant.  I don't know if that's destiny or how you describe that.  If that's a good omen, I'm going to embrace this."

Yes, the Saints gave a disheartening performance in Week 17, but the ultimate goal wasn't to win this football game.  Hebert summed it up beautifully during "The Point After" show.

"That's alright, that's OK, we're in the playoffs anyway!"

Listen to Hebert's full post game commentary in the podcast below, or by clicking here.

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