Bobby Hebert: Saints dethroned the Eagles

Seth Dunlap
November 18, 2018 - 7:03 pm

The New Orleans Saints continued to look like the best team in the NFL after their 48-7 beat-down of the defending Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert was in full celebration mode all game long, and he continued the party on his post-game radio show on the Saints Radio Network.

"Listen, you've got to consider the opponent.  All I've got to say it, 'Fly Eagles, Fly!'  If you look at what occurred, that was a but whooping, and I'm trying to be kind."

Hebert's mock-chant was a reference to the boisterous Eagles fans that were spotted throughout the Superdome.  They were loud early, but the Saints offense quickly shut them up.   Philadelphia's 41 point defeat is the largest-ever loss for a defending champion.

"It just shows you how tough it is to win in the national football league," Hebert said.

It's easy to see how the game got out of hand.  The Saints were exceptional in three important areas.

"We hit the trifecta," Hebert explained.  "We forced three turnovers, we now have 30 wins and six losses when we force three turnovers.  When we commit zero turnovers, we are 39-5.  When we allow 20 points or fewer we are 70 wins and seven losses.  Those are the magic numbers to get it done."

The Saints are now on a short-rest week, and will play the Falcons in the Superdome on Thanksgiving night.

Listen to Hebert's full post-game commentary in the podcast below.

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