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Bobby Hebert impressed by Saints "winning football"

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Seth Dunlap
October 23, 2017 - 10:42 am

It wasn't easy for the Saints.  Their first lead against the Packers didn't come until the 4th quarter.  Yet they accomplished something very rare in franchise history - a win in Green Bay.  Former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert helped put that into perpective last night on the Point After postgame show on WWL Radio.

"To show you how hard it is to win in Wisconsin, (the Saints) were 2-10 . . . now we're 3-10," Hebert noted. "Sean Payton against the NFC North is 16-9.  Against the Packers we are 9-16.  So you can see the winning football.  Sean Payton is going to have to do it again next week (against the Bears) to get to 17-9 against the NFC North."

Many people thought that New Orleans would waltz into Green Bay and pummel the Packers who were without two time MVP quaterback Aaron Rodgers.  Hebert wasn't one of them, but he did expect the Saints to get a win.

"It's not a blowout but you'd have to say it's a convincing win," Hebert said.  "All I know, under Sean Payton this is winning football - when they've allowed 20 or fewer than 20 points they have 56 wins and only six losses."

If there was one area of concern for this team it continues to be their rush defense, which has given up an excess of 150 yards on the ground in each of their previous two games.  Hebert said the team needs to clean that up before they face a heavy rushing attach from Chicago next week.

"If I was playing against the Saints, I would run the ball because that was one disappointment," he said.  "We gave up 181 yards for 7.5 yards average, came into the game giving up over five yards per carry.  But offensively look how we run the football.  We average 4.5 yards per carry, 161 (yards in the game), we were right under 200 yards last week against the Lions."

Listen to Hebert's full post game reaction in the podcast below.

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