LISTEN: Bobby Hebert celebrates Saints win & division championship

Seth Dunlap
December 09, 2018 - 4:59 pm

The New Orleans Saints clinched the NFC South division title with their 28-14 win at Tampa Bay on Sunday.  It's the second consecutive season the Saints have won the division title, the first time that's happened in franchise history.

Former Saints quarterback Bobby Hebert was in a celebratory mood during his post-game show on the Saints Radio Network.

"The Saints back-to-back NFC South champs.  That's not opinion.  That's a fact!"

The Saints used an impressive second half to erase a 14-3 halftime deficit.  Many fans were read to jump off the Saints bandwagon at that point, drawing the ire of Hebert.

"You have to look at how you finish a game.  You get 25 unanswered points, that speaks for itself.  For all you tollers or haters, I don't know how to describe them, you have to look at the big picture," an enraged Cajun Cannon said during the post-game show.  "You don't cheer for the Saints?  Move the hell out of here!  They must have a miserable life."

The win continues the typical dominance of the Saints over the Buccaneers.  Hebert pointed out that the Saints have been more successful against Tampa Bay than any other team in the NFL in franchise history.

"They're now 33-21 (against the Bucs).  That's their best winning percentage against any opponent."

Want to hear more of Bobby's commentary? Listen to Bobby's full post-game reaction in the podcast below.

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