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Scoot: Writing parking tickets during a crisis? Really?

March 25, 2020 - 12:58 pm

The coronavirus crisis has disrupted life in New Orleans in ways that were unimaginable. There are a few businesses that continue - but the overwhelming majority of individuals and businesses have taken a devastating financial hit. And amid the crisis the city of New Orleans continues to write parking tickets!

People have had to adjust where they park since work schedules have been interrupted. Patterns of driving and parking have been turned upside down. It is understandable that the City of New Orleans desperately needs money - but the idea of sending out an army of meter enforcers during this crisis is an insult to the people and the businesses that pay the taxes to support this city.

I know the excuse from the City to justify the writing of parking tickets during this crisis will be based on the idea that emergency vehicles need to get through the streets - but that seems a bogus excuse as we all try to establish a new normal in our lives.

The stay-at-home order from Mayor Cantrell and now from Governor Edwards mandates that only “essential” workers do their job. Are meter maids “essential” workers? It’s more likely that it’s the revenue generated through parking tickets that is deemed “essential.”

Since the coronavirus can live on some surfaces for up to two days - do citizens need to worry about exposure to the virus when they handle a parking ticket? Have any of the parking enforcement employees come in contact with anyone who has coronavirus?

Many citizens of New Orleans will only be able to pay essential bills, and I can’t image that many households will consider paying the parking ticket as essential at this point.

The City needs money - if you have a business and you can pay your taxes to the city then pay your taxes.

We are living through a crisis the seems more like a movie script than real life, and the audacity of the City to continue writing parking tickets reflects an arrogant tone from the City that we have have come to expect.

STOP writing tickets and take action showing you care - don’t just speak words that you care.

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