Scoot: Why the unwarranted criticism of journalist who reported looting?

August 30, 2017 - 12:54 pm

An ABC News reporter covering a story on the ground in flood ravaged Houston was bashed on social media for this now deleted tweet:

“#Breaking We’re witnessing looting right now at a large supermarket in the NE part of Houston & police have just discovered a body nearby.”

Why the criticism? The reporter mentioned the looting before he mentioned the body, but the other criticism was labeling people stealing food as “looters.”

ABC’s Tom Llamas sent a follow-up tweet explaining that he and his camera crew had already alerted the police about the body they discovered and only after that did he tweet about the looters.

The criticism of this reporter is so unwarranted that it says more about the trolls on social media than about the reporter. Social media has become a fertile ground for anyone to expand on the least significant point of anything in the media or in society. It is as if social media is being taken over by disgruntled individuals who are bashing others in what appears to be a cathartic effort to boost their self-esteem.

Many on social media read a headline and instantly form an opinion without actually absorbing the content of the post or thinking about what it means. A new cannibalistic mentality is taking over, and it needs to be called out and put in perspective.

It is amazing that so many people now have so much time on their hands that they search for any opportunity to pounce on a post. And yet, this is the same group that condemns the mainstream media for doing precisely what they are doing. Oh, the hypocrisy!

Calling the people stealing food from a supermarket “looters” would only be wrong if the “looters” – which is what they are – would be stealing items they were afraid they would not be able to purchase because of the flooding.

It is also important to note that one of the posted criticisms of the ABC reporter read “Wow, what a F***in snitch.” The justification for blatant lawlessness has reached a tipping point. Those who call out anyone for reporting crimes in progress or those who condemn such reporting are supporting the criminal element.

The ABC reporter did his job and did it well, and the criticism of his tweet speaks volumes about the direction some people are trying to lead this country.

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