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Scoot: Why loyal Trump supporters should be worried, too

March 21, 2018 - 11:28 am

Kids often do exactly what they are told not to do by adults.  Want to get a kid to do something?  Tell them not to do it you might have a better chance of them actually doing it.  And so it goes with the President of the United States.

President Trump called Russian President Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on winning the election in Russia.  The President of the United States calling a world leader and congratulating him on a dominant election victory is not that unusual; but the fact that President Trump called Putin, the dictator of Russia who just won an election that was fixed and not open and free, made it all the more alarming.

Further adding to the strangeness was the revelation that President Trump was sent a directive from his national security advisers in a briefing on Putin winning the election that had these words in caps: DO NOT CONGRATULATE.  What did Trump do?  He called Putin to congratulate him on his victory.

Today, President Trump is described as being furious over the fact that the directive not to congratulate Putin was leaked to the media.  Notice that Trump is not disputing what he did - only that the truth was revealed.  Politicians love to focus on leaks to distract from the truth of what was said or done.  Trump is doing that now and Hillary did that during the campaign.  I understand that politicians want to stop leaks, but it is interesting to witness the outrage over the leak rather than the action.

One of President Ronald Reagan’s strengths was to surround himself with competent people.  Reagan selected people who knew more than he did in different areas.  That’s what great presidents do.  That’s what great managers and CEOs do.  The most successful leaders - in politics and in business - admit what they don’t know and hire people who do know to hold positions of support.

Of all the modern presidents, one would think that Donald Trump - a man with zero political experience who became president - would be the first one to find capable people to advise him and that he would actually listen to their advice.  Instead, here is a president who knows more than the experts he hires to advise him.

Congratulating Vladimir Putin on winning a rigged election is bad enough.  What makes it tragically disturbing is that President Trump ignored the sound advice to simply withhold an outright congratulatory gesture.  All Trump had to do was say nothing, but even that proved to be a gut instinct the President could not resist.

This is not a blog bashing President Trump.  This is a blog expressing the deep concerns that continue to define President Trump.  If President Trump allows his frustration and obsession with the media, the Russia investigation and his past sexual escapades to inspire him to make an ill-advised and irrational decision about whether to congratulate a manipulative dictator, then why should we all not be concerned about the overall state-of-mind of the man who is the President of the United States?

Furthermore, the defiant action of the brazen congratulations to Putin only confirms the growing speculation that President Trump has deep, dark reasons to bestow special treatment upon Vladimir Putin.  If Putin has nothing on Trump, why doesn’t Trump act like Putin does have something on him?  The President is fueling the fear that one of our biggest enemies - with nukes and the technology to disrupt America - is tacitly blackmailing our president.

Either that or President Trump has great admiration for the power Putin has gained and envies Putin to the point of hoping to create a similar position of power in the United States.

In the face of those who refuse to see the truth about President Trump, recent activity from the White House is cause for alarming concern.

And for those who only care about their 401(k) accounts that have increased since Trump became president - all the gains and all the money could drop faster than it rose if President Trump makes even one wrong decision driven my his massive ego rather than what is best for the United States of America.

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