Scoot: Why the final preseason game is so important!

August 29, 2019 - 12:34 pm

The New Orleans Saints play the Miami Dolphins in the final preseason game tonight in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The final preseason game for all teams is a game where starters generally do not play because of the chance of injury, but it is also to let the coaching staff assess new players before making the final decisions for the 53-man roster.

Since the starters do not traditionally play in the final preseason game each year – many fans view the game as “boring.” But there is another way to look at the final preseason game tonight.

Tonight’s final preseason game between the Saints and the Dolphins is also the final opportunity for the fans to get ready for the season opener on Monday Night Football, September 9 at 6:10pm at home against the Houston Texans.

Are you ready for some football? That will be the question asked when the season opens on MNF for the Saints. Will you really be ready? The final preseason game is a time to make sure you are ready for some football.

Fans who skip the last preseason game are missing an opportunity to have their final dress-rehearsal before the regular season. Whether you are going to the games this season or listening to or watching the games – do you have your game-day uniform picked out? If you are going to make any adjustments in your game-day rituals – this is the final chance to do that.

Just like the team – every year fans learn from what went right and what went wrong last season. This is the time to make adjustments in your game-day clothing and rituals. If you will be watching or listening to games at home – will the game-day food, snacks and beverages change? Tonight is the final opportunity to figure that out before the regular season begins.

If you are going to the game tonight and plan to go to games during the season – this final preseason game is the game where you figure out the time you need to leave to get to the game on time. If you are not in your seat for the Star Spangled Banner and every year you say “this year will be different” and you will get there on time instead of showing up 5 minutes into the 1st quarter – this is the game for that final run-through.

Will you park in the same place, or is it time to find a better or cheaper place to park? The final preseason game is the time to figure out parking logistics for the regular season.

You know how important it is for the coaches to be aware of clock management during a game. Well, fans need to work on their clock management, too. How long will it take you to park and walk into the dome? Will you have your drinks and snacks and hit the restroom before kickoff? These are the things that need to be worked out during this final preseason game tonight so you are as ready as the team for the season opener.

Tonight is the final opportunity to practice your third down cheering and noise-making before it really counts.

So let’s not dismiss this final preseason game tonight between the Saints and the Dolphins as a “boring” game because the starters aren't playing. As a fan, this is your final preseason game before the regular season starts.

We expect the Saints to be ready – the Saints expect us to be ready, too!

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