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Scoot: The Beatles arrive in America – it’s the day the music lived!

February 07, 2020 - 12:44 pm

Do you think today’s new music “sucks?” If you are a member of the Establishment – do you like the newest music trend?

Here is what one political journalist has to say about a popular group currently setting a trend in music:

The band is “awful – I would consider it sacrilegious to say anything less than that they are god awful. They are so unbelievably horribly, so appallingly unmusical, so dogmatically insensitive to the magic of the art that they qualify as crowned heads of anti-music, even as they imposter popes went down in history as ‘anti-popes.’”

Other adults describe “the minimal enunciation necessary to communicate the schematic texts” of the music and bring comfort that this current trend in music will soon die. The clothes that are worn and the outrageous hairstyles have caused a generation of adults to loathe the new music that is penetrating their children’s generation.

On this day, February 7, 1964, The Beatles arrived at JFK airport in New York, and the above comments were made by the then-Establishment about The Beatles.

The first critique was made by conservative political journalist William F, Buckley, Jr. and it reflected the disdain adults had for this young band from the U.K.

Now – 56 years after The Beatles landed in America – that young generation is the Establishment and continues to be defined by that music. Not only did The Beatles never die, in terms of popularity, but the music of that band continues to entertain the generation that witnessed firsthand their infiltration into the lives of a young generation.  Today, The Beatles attract new younger generations that have discovered whatever it is that is so magical about their musical journey.

This year, February 9, the anniversary of The Beatles first exposure to America via The Ed Sullivan Show, falls on a Sunday and it was on a Sunday night, February 9, 1964, that the anti-establishment rock generation was born.

Recently, the Liverpool Legends – the Complete Beatles Experience performed in a suburb of New Orleans to a diverse crowd of Baby Boomers and younger. Every summer, The Beatles Fest in New Orleans attracts a broad range of demographics that defies logic.

The Beatles touched a generation that never lost interest in their music or the new trend that was known as The British Invasion. When critics proclaimed The Beatles would never last, there was the expectation that the mop-top band from Liverpool was a passing fad and a young generation would soon move on from The Beatles to the music the Establishment considered good: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra or maybe even Paul Anka, Frankie Avalon and Ray Charles. The idea that The Beatles and the music of the British Invasion would thrive and span generations was simply not believable to a generation of adults that did not understand the appeal.

The lesson to be learned from the reaction the Establishment had to music targeting a young generation is that it is the responsibility of every young generation to define their identity through music and fashion adults find appalling.

The first reality of a cultural disconnect between Baby Boomers and their children’s generation was their reaction to the music and fashion of the grunge era. While there were those of us who loved and appreciated that drastic departure in musical trend set by the British Invasion in the 60s – many Baby Boomers then – and now – dislike the grunge trend.  Their critique of that music mirrored the precise critiques their parents had of The Beatles.

Though every young generation adopts a musical trend that befits their attitude – it is important to realize that when The Beatles arrived in America on this day in 1964 – their music and influence would be a thread through the various trends of young generations to come.

While only Paul and Ringo remain as the only living Beatles – the incredible collection of music from John, Paul, George and Ringo lives on!

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