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Scoot: Senator Kid Rock?

July 12, 2017 - 10:16 am

The criticism of rock stars who use their stage at a concert to promote a political agenda or to bash or condemn a president comes from those who say, “I came to the concert to hear their music, not their politics!”  

Often that criticism comes from those who disagree with the views expressed, and those who support the views from a rock star applaud their political activism.  But what about a rock star, or celebrity, actually running for office?  Does that cross the line between entertainment and politics?  

Rocker Kid Rock has launched a website supporting his campaign to run for the Senate from his home state of Michigan.  The website: offers “Kid Rock for Senate” t-shirts, caps and bumper stickers and one of the campaign slogans on the website is “I’ll rock the party!”  And for Kid Rock, that’s the Republican Party.

As a Republican, Kid Rock stands out in the world of rock, in which Republicans are the extreme minority.  

If it is often condemned when a celebrity uses their status to promote their political views, should we be quick to condemn a celebrity that wants to honestly run for office?  I think not.

I have seen Kid Rock’s arena show, and I have seen him in the more casual stage setting of Jazz Fest in New Orleans.  I was not a big Kid Rock fan until I saw him in concert.  I was impressed with the range of his talent, but I was also impressed with him as the person he appears to be on stage.  Without getting overtly political, Kid Rock uses the American flag in a way that suggests deep, sincere patriotism that is often associated with Republicans.  That is not to suggest that patriotism is reserved for Republicans because it is not.

While I don’t know about Kid Rock’s specific policies, he does seem to separate himself from the likes of Ted Nugent, who appears to be more of a loose canon with political observations that are crude and threatening.  Kid Rock aspiring to run for the Senate does not belong in the same conversation with Ted Nugent running for office.

And for those who might argue that rock stars should stick to their music and entertaining and leave politics to politicians, I would argue that some of the people who are rock stars are worthy of consideration for office.  It is the person – not the status of being a rock star – that renders some unfit for politics.

President Trump’s legacy has yet to be determined – but one primary aspect of his legacy is the fact that he broke the barrier of a non-politician/celebrity winning a major political race.

Michigan was once a blue state, but is changing and becoming more of a red state.  Michigan was one of the key states the Trump took from Hillary and the trend of Michigan becoming more red shows no signs of changing.

Kid Rock would be a senator representing the state of Michigan; but as you know, senators have the power to have an impact on America with their votes on key issues.

Do you like the idea of Senator Kid Rock?

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