Scoot: A Saints fans view of the win over the Cowboys

September 30, 2019 - 3:16 pm

With another strong team effort, the Saints beat the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football 12-10.  Most impressive was the fact that the Saints again rallied as a team without future Hall of Fame QB Drew Brees, who remains sidelined following surgery on his thumb.

When Brees left the game in the 1st quarter against the L.A. Rams, even some die-hard Saints fans worried about a downward spiral, especially against the Seahawks in Seattle and the Cowboys in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday Night Football. In both of those games, it was obvious that the Saints are a team; and we are all reminded that the importance of team effort is not a myth.

Last night in a prime-time game, the Saints beat an undefeated Cowboys team that had Cowboys fans thinking about the Super Bowl.  In fact, here were so many Cowboys’ fans in the stands last night that when the crowd erupted in cheers – you weren’t sure if the Cowboys or the Saints had done something good.

In for the injured Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, who has been the target of much criticism from many Saints fans, was precise and got the job done even though he was under intense pressure from the Cowboys’ defensive line. Some of Bridgewater’s passes were Brees-like. Even with his proficient passing, Bridgewater did not lead the Saints to any touchdowns, but four field goals from Wil Lutz was enough to win the game because the Saints defense was phenomenal.

Penalties hurt the Saints in a few key situations, and there were times when the Cowboys had a bad plays that seemed to invite flags from officials that appeared designed to help the Cowboys.

Sean Payton outcoached Jason Garrett, which is not the biggest challenge NFL coaches face; and Payton was very creative at play-calling.

It was very encouraging to watch the Saints lose momentum, sometimes due to untimely penalties, and steal it right back from the Cowboys. The crowd inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome was loud, and that had an impact on the game.

Again this week, the Saints demonstrated the importance of team effort. It is being reported that Brees may be back sooner than expected. It appears Brees could be out for only 5 weeks and be back leading the Saints in Week 7.

Next week, the Saints play the Bucs, finally after 4 tough games, moving into a more favorable part of their schedule. The Bucs upset the Rams 55-40; and if the Saints fail to take Tampa Bay as seriously as they took the games against the Seahawks and the Cowboys – that could be a game the Saints lose even if it is a game they should win.

It is human nature to be emotionally different when tough situations are faced; but if the Saints continue to play like they have been playing with emphasis on team, they will be in great shape in the NFC South when Brees returns.

Comments have been made about the network showing video of the past when Saints fans were so embarrassed by the team’s play that in protest they put bags over their heads. Some seemed to think that was the network bashing Saints fans – I thought it was a tribute to where we are today – as fans and as a team!

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