Scoot: Republicans fuel illegal immigration too

August 23, 2018 - 1:24 pm

President Trump has successfully launched and maintained a steady campaign of “us vs. them” as a way of uniting the base of the Republican Party behind him. Illegal immigration has been successfully promoted by Trump and Republicans as a problem that distinguishes Republicans from Democrats. Blaming illegal immigration, and any problems that stem from it, on the Democrats has effectively united Republicans behind President Trump.

Creating fear over illegal immigrates is a modern political version of the “Southern Strategy,” which Republican candidates, including Republican presidential candidates, used to secure votes. The “Southern Strategy” can simply be defined as the creation of fear that integration would allow blacks greater opportunities to steal, to kill and to rape white women and that the Republicans were the only party that would protect white America from atrocities committed by blacks.

The truth is that illegal immigration is fueled by Republicans as well as Democrats. The body of 20-year-old University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts was discovered on Tuesday, bringing an end to an intense search for the missing college student.

Through surveillance video police identified 24-year-old Cristhian Rivera as the suspect in the murder of Tibbits. He was arrested without incident and confessed to the crime. Rivera is an illegal immigrant, and that immediately supplied fuel to the Republican campaign of blaming Democrats for the illegal immigration problem in America.

However, in this case, the illegal immigrant was working for Yarrabee Farms near Brooklyn, Iowa. Yarrabee Farms is owned by the family of Craig Lang, a prominent Republican in the state of Iowa, who once served as the president of the Iowa Farm Bureau. Lang is also a current candidate for secretary of agriculture in Iowa.

Yarrabee Farms is cooperating with the investigation and said it followed all laws that apply to verifying the status of employees. Questions have arisen about whether Yarrabee Farms used the government’s E-Verify system. Initially, the farm said that they had used E-Verify and that Rivera was an employee in “good standing.” The Lang family was shocked to hear that one of their employees is the prime suspect in the murder of Mollie Tibbits.

I have often talked about the hypocrisy of Republicans blaming Democrats for illegal immigration when Republicans are hiring illegal immigrants and Republicans are hiring companies that hire illegal immigrants. Greater than taking the ethical path of the better vetting of companies and individuals is the motivation to get the job done while maximizing profits and offering the lowest possible price to the consumers, many of whom are Republicans.

Ironically, the use of illegal immigrants supports the fundamental rules of a true capitalist society, which is widely promoted as an aspect of American that will be better protected by Republicans than Democrats.

This is not a bashing of President Trump - this is an honest view of the FACT that Republicans, even the Trump Administration, are directly contributing to the marketplace that is attracting illegal immigrants to America and is failing to correct a flawed system to verify an immigrants status.

In this case - FACTS expose hypocrisy.



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