Scoot: Is removing children from parents at the border driven by politics?

June 18, 2018 - 11:14 am

A child knows their parent as their sole source of security.  We all felt even closer to our parents when we were in strange surroundings, at times literally clinging to them.  Video of young children crying as they are physically removed from their parents’ side is heart-wrenching for most of us - but not for everyone.  For many, trumping the sight of children being suddenly separated from their parents is the idea that the parents entered America illegally; and, therefore, the action is a justified deterrent to crossing out border illegally.

President Trump has said that he does not want parents separated from their children, yet, the President is ordering the separation of children from parents at the border and blaming the horrendous reality on Democrats.

America is passionately split on this, but so is the administration.  President Trump says that he has no choice but to follow the law, which requires children and parents to be separated when any parent crosses our border illegally with their children.  But there is a legitimate question as to whether the Trump Administration is accurate when it says it’s the law.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen tweeted Sunday that there is no policy to separate families at the border. In one tweet the DHS Secretary said - “We do not have a policy of separating families at the border.  Period.”

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said there is a new zero-tolerance policy at the border to prosecute as many people as possible for illegally entering the U.S. 

Over a recent 6 week period, nearly 2,000 kids have been separated from their parents.

I understand the argument that the parents of these children chose to illegally cross the border into the U.S., and therefore, their children must be taken away in the same way that children are separated from their parents when they are arrested in America. 

Since detention centers - and not jail - are the common immediate destination for those who cross our border illegally - the comparison between crossing the border illegally and being arrested for drugs or murder in the U.S. is flawed and what exposes the flaws in that comparison is that crossing the border is a misdemeanor and the Trump Administration has just decided to suddenly implement a policy of removing kids from their parents.

Talking to reporters on the White House lawn Friday, President Trump played the political card when he blamed Democrats for his policy of separating children and parents.  It appears President Trump is using this new zero-tolerance policy as a political weapon to force Democrats to go along with the Republicans’ immigration plan.  That’s the way it sounds on paper; but in reality, President Trump is playing politics by ordering children to be physically removed from their parents.

Using children to force a political move is not something that reflects the spirit of America.  There will be the Trump loyalists that will stand by the President and look away from the reality of what is happening.  Sadly, many Republicans seem afraid to voice their conscience out of fear President Trump will retaliate against them in a re-election bid.

Many patriotic Americans understand that there are consequences for crossing our border illegally but do not support children being pulled from their parents.  Those are the Americans who need to stand up and counter those who fail to see this new policy - and it is a new policy as proclaimed on Friday by AG Jeff Sessions - as a decision by the Trump Administration rather than a legal mandate. 

It is perfectly acceptable for Americans to be passionately divided on this issue, but what is not acceptable is believing that President Trump’s hands are tied legally and that his Administration has no choice but to physically pull crying children from their parents who have illegally crossed our border.

This is an excellent example of how Americans can refuse to accept the truth when the truth contradicts their political agenda or support for a politician.


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