Scoot: The Trump lies the media cannot ignore

November 15, 2018 - 11:02 am

The general criticism about the news media during the Trump years is that the news media only focuses on the negative things about President Trump and ignores the positive things.  That is true; but it is the President, himself, who distracts from the positive news.

Here is a classic example currently in the news, and this has been a pattern since Donald Trump was sworn in as POTUS.

Wednesday, President Trump proudly signed a bipartisan bill to reform federal sentencing guidelines.  This is the first significant legislation changing America’s criminal justice sentencing laws in decades.  An agreement was reached this week on legislation that would enhance programs to rehabilitate federal prisoners, plus, give judges more discretion in the sentencing of nonviolent offenders, especially nonviolent drug offenders. 

In signing the bill, President Trump commented that he was “thrilled to announce my support for this bipartisan bill.”  The President even joked about saying the word “bipartisan” and said, “Did I hear the word bipartisan?  Did I hear the word?  That’s a nice word.”

That is a powerful headline:  “President Trump Proudly Signs Bipartisan Prison Reform Bill.” 

But the President signing this major prison reform legislation did not get top billing in the news, because Trump, himself, made official statements from the White House that were insanely false and actually laughable.  President Trump has been described by a White House insider as “pissed at nearly everyone.” 

The President is described as seeking asylum in a mental fantasy land where a false reality lives in the President’s own mind.  As recounts from the midterm elections continue, Democrats are making more gains toward the balance of power in Washington, which is another way of saying that President Trump is losing power. 

During the midterm campaigns, President Trump campaigned vigorously for Republican candidates and directly linked his name and his politics to those candidates that sought Trump’s endorsement.  In many cases, the candidates Trump supported lost to Democrats.  For a candidate who said that he would win so much that America would “get tired of winning,” the shadow cast by the gains of Democrats seems to be blocking the light of reality for the President.

His wife, Melanie, appeared to go to bypass her husband and through her spokesperson went directly to the media to demand a change in White House staff. 

Obviously consumed with frustration, President Trump distracted from the news of the bipartisan bill on prison reform that he signed by fabricating a ridiculous claim that Democrats disguised themselves so they could vote more than once in the elections and that’s why the Republicans lost.  Trump is obsessed with finding any excuse that frees him of any blame for the Republican loses.

Here are President Trump’s words: “The Republicans don’t win and that’s because of potentially illegal votes.  When people get in line that have absolutely no right to vote and they go around in circles.  Sometimes they go to their car, put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again.  Nobody takes anything.  It’s really a disgrace what’s going on.”

President Trump continued with nonsensical comments when he talked about the importance of voter IDs and said that, “If you guy a box of cereal you have a voter ID” meaning that to buy a box of cereal in America, you have to show your voter ID card!  The President made these insane comments in an interview with The Daily Caller, which is a conservative news/opinion website, so the President was allowed to make ridiculous remarks unchallenged.

It is a lie that Americans need to show a voter ID when purchasing groceries, and there is zero evidence that Democrats are voting, changing a hat or a shirt and then voting again.  The degree of actual voter fraud is so minuscule that it is absurd to blame the outcome of an election on voter fraud; but for President Trump, that is a better option than admitting defeat.

False statements that border on unicorn and Big Foot sightings dominated the news, rather than the positive news of the President signing a bipartisan prison reform bill.  But that is not the media’s fault. That is the fault of President Trump, who, as POTUS, drew attention away from the positive by telling fairy tale stories to the American people through a media outlet.

Regardless of who is president, the news media has a responsibility to cover on presidential fantasies that are factually untrue.  That is the job of the news media.  The origin of the press in America was to serve as a watchdog for the people and hold politicians accountable for what they say and do.

President Trump, not the news media, is distracting from the positive things he is doing.  You should direct your complaints to the White House, and this is the phone number: 202-456-1111.  I doubt you will get President Trump on the phone, but you could leave a message. 

It’s better to complain to the source of the problem, rather than blame the radio talk show host or the media, in general.

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