Scoot: Trump loyalists who are conservatives face contradictions

August 22, 2018 - 11:13 am

Trump loyalists who consider themselves true conservatives face numerous challenges and blatant ideological contradictions. 

On the same day President Trump’s personal attorney and “fixer,” Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to charges related to the 2016 presidential campaign and, in the process, implicated Donald Trump in paying off two of Trump’s sex partners in an effort to influence the election, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted on eight counts of financial fraud. 

Manafort ripped off the government through tax fraud and putting money in hidden accounts.  While that does not touch the President at this point and may never, Trump’s praise of Manafort contradicts conservative ideology and principles.

Even after the conviction of Manafort, President Trump continued to applaud Manafort as a good guy and a “brave man.”  Singing the praises of a man just found guilty of breaking laws to cheat the government, and U.S. taxpayers, doesn’t not seem like it jives with true conservative ideology.

Traditionally, conservatives have been perceived as the “law & order” political group; but under President Trump, that has changed.  Trump has successfully led an attack on the ultimate law enforcement agency in the country, the FBI, and has worked diligently to discredit a branch of law enforcement that is investigating wrongdoing during the campaign. 

There has been exposure of a few in the FBI who were obviously biased against Donald Trump as a candidate; but there is no evidence they impacted the election, which Trump won.  In the same way that not all police officers are blamed for the abusive power administered by some, the FBI’s image should not be tainted by the attitudes of a few. 

By conservative standards, Paul Manafort is not a good guy or deserving of the image of a “brave man.”  From a privileged standpoint, Manafort literally stole money from the country that President Trump claims to represent.


Believed to be Donald Trump closest confidant, attorney Michael Cohen’s guilty plea to eight counts, including violations of campaign finance laws; and the implication that candidate Trump was directly involved in illegal activity aimed at effecting the outcome of the election is one of the most serious charges made against a sitting president in modern political history.  There will be those who question the credibility of Cohen; but if Cohen’s credibility cannot be destroyed and if there is evidence to back up what Cohen alleges, President Trump is in serious trouble.

Without saying that liberals are dishonest, the image of conservatives has been that of the moral political group, the group that places great trust in the truth.  But now, many people who consider themselves to be patriotic, conservative Americans face challenges by the political figure they hold to the highest esteem - President Donald Trump.

President Trump has lied about payoffs to a porn star and a Playboy Playmate he allegedly had sex with while married.  If he didn’t have sex with them, then why the payoffs?  Donald Trump’s past is well-documented; but the financial and sexual immorality that defines Donald Trump has been ignored by the vast number of conservative Americans, even evangelicals, who  under any other circumstances would never tolerate such behavior and would viciously and publicly condemn the person at the root of that activity.  Yet conservative Americans and evangelicals ignore their own moral standards to stand up for President Trump.

Conservatives have also promoted an image of being the more principled, moral people, but the idea that if “my 401K is doing well, I don’t care what Trump says or does” defies the very foundation of conservative ideology and principles.

It may be easy to support President Trump regardless of what he says, does or lies about; but it should be a challenge for any conservative American who supports President Trump and to honestly claim they still believe in true conservative principles.

President Trump has reached tipping points in the recent past, and this appears to be another tipping point.  President Trump is in such deep when it comes to defending himself and all of those he surrounds himself with that contrition does not seem to be an option.  Does that mean President Trump will continue to defy evidence mounting around him?  What will this push him to do in a desperate effort to appease his base?

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