Scoot: Billboard bashes Trump “Our Leader The Idiot”

August 30, 2018 - 11:01 am

A billboard bashing President Donald Trump outside of Union Township, NJ, which is 12 miles west of New York City, reads: “Our Leader The Idiot!”  A New York activist is paying for the billboard to promote his documentary film.

Protected by the First Amendment, the billboard is controversial because it degrades the POTUS.  Have we reached a new low in America where a total lack of respect for the office of the presidency is the new norm?  Is the hate targeted against President Trump unfair and unprecedented?  Many conservatives are making the argument that the hate and the derogatory things said about President Trump reveal a deep hate that is symbolic of liberals.

But wait!  Have conservatives forgotten the hate that targeted President Barak Obama?  Selective memory has become a convenient defense for those who want to now say that President Trump is much more of a victim of hate from the left than President Obama was from the right.

Bringing up the reality that the right viciously attacked Obama with hateful imagery will draw criticism from the most ardent Trump Loyalists, who will argue that I am dismissing the reality that President Trump is an unfair target of hate from the left that is unprecedented.

Facts discount the biased perception that President Trump is the largest of more hate than any other president in history.  Trump is hated, possibly more than Obama was; but here is what a billboard contained when Barack Obama was president:

“Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot - Obama.”

Another billboard showed Obama as Hitler with the words:  Impeach Obama.

In Western Colorado a billboard depicted President Obama as a terrorist, a gangster, a gay man and a Mexican bandit.

A billboard sponsored by the North Iowa Tea Party had a picture of Hitler at the left with the words: National Socialism. In the middle was a picture of President Obama under the headline: Democrat Socialism.  And on the right, a picture of Vladimir Lenin under the words: Marxist Socialism.

One billboard bashing Obama during his presidency read:

“Kills 12 in movie theater with assault rifle” with a picture of mass shooter James Holmes and the words: “Everyone Freaks Out.”  Next to that was a picture of President Obama with the words: “Kills thousands with his foreign policy” and underneath the picture this was written:  “Wins Nobel Peace Prize.”

The numerous images of a noose around Barak Obama’s neck designed to conjure up visions of white men lynching blacks were proof that President Obama was the target of much deep-rooted hate from the right. 

The hate from the right that targeted President Obama was real; but it is conveniently forgotten, or downplayed, by those who want to make it seem as if President Trump is a unique victim of hate from an opposing political side.  That is factually not true.  What is true is that those on the right who want to perpetrate the myth that the left is more hateful than the right are doing so as moot defense of their guy in office.

The right created the term “snowflake,” which refers to those on the left who are easily offended by opposing opinions, but the oversensitivity to attacks on President Trump proves there are a lot of conservatives that fit the classic definition of what it means to be a “snowflake.”

When indisputable points are made that expose blatant hypocrisy, there is a quick but juvenile defense that is immediately applied:  “Why do you have to keep talking about Obama?”  The definitive answer is simple - to illustrate that selective memory and confirmation bias shroud the hypocrisy that continues to drive a wedge between us Americans.

The tribal nature of politics today has encouraged a mentality of defending your political tribe even if it means ignoring facts and reality.  Americans have always been divided along political lines, but never before have both sides been engaged in such trivial nonsense that is used weapons in the political war.

Too many Americans are detached from a reality and that leads to an unhealthy biased hypocrisy.  And I don’t see many attempts to change this course for America.

It’s up to us to change this.

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