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Scoot: Politics in America can officially be described as "embarrassing!"

September 25, 2019 - 12:55 pm

Did President Trump threaten to withhold aid to Ukraine if their new president did not order an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden? That question seemed to push House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) to join the Democrats demanding that formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump proceed. Pelosi had expressed reluctance to proceed with an impeachment inquiry until information came out about the deep concerns of a whistleblower who heard the conversation between President Trump and President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine.

President Trump has continued to declare that questions about withholding funds from Ukraine if the new president did not investigate an alleged incident involving then-VP Joe Biden and his son are part of a continuing “witch hunt” against him by Democrats.

To set the record straight on the phone call, President Trump declassified and released a transcript of the conversation with Zelensky. But is among the media outlets pointing out that the transcript is not a “verbatim transcript” of the call but that is based on “notes and recollections” of those listening to the conversation. If the transcript is only “notes and recollections” of the call – what confidence should we have that is accurately reflects what was actually said between Trump and Zelensky?

This is a total sh** show! And while the specifics are different – it is a continuation of the ongoing sh** show that is politics in Washington, D.C. What faith can anyone have that the transcript released is accurate?

This is another case of both sides having just enough information to dig in and defend their political tribe. Congressman Steve Scalise (R) says the transcript proves President Trump did nothing wrong and certainly nothing to warrants an impeachment inquiry. Congressman Adam Schiff (D) was “shocked” by the contents of the transcript and insists the “whistleblower” who expressed concerns about the nature of the call needs to testify before the House intelligence committee. Even members of President Trump’s own party are concerned about what may have happened during that call.

President Trump wants Biden and his son to be investigated because he believes Biden tried to use his influence as vice president to convince a foreign government to get involved in stopping the prosecution of Biden’s son.  President Trump is being accused of using his office to influence the actions of a foreign government. Do you see the real problem?

Nearly every day on my radio talk show, I denounce the hypocrisy that is destroying America from both sides. The issue of President Trump and the phone conversation with the president of Ukraine is fraught with hypocrisy.

We have reached a point where politics has become an embarrassment to all Americans. The release of the transcript gives Trump supporters the information they need to insist that the President did nothing wrong and the Democrats continue their attempt to take down a great president. But the release also gives Trump's opposition the information needed to argue that President Trump did use the office of the presidency to threaten a foreign government to meddle in a U.S. election.

This latest battleground is an embarrassment because it’s the same old thing, and people will find what they need to confirm their bias. The truth is – too many Americans no longer care about the truth – they only care about whatever confirms what they want the truth to be.

I will spend time talking about this on my radio show; but honestly, the conversation will reinforce the idea that the quest for confirmation of ideology is greater than the quest for the truth.

I will take more pleasure in talking about why the city of New Orleans is not in the list of the top 20 coffee cities in America! Not only do we have the historic tradition of café au lait – but local coffee shops throughout the city offer alternative coffee drinks that have stolen much attention away from Starbucks.

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