Scoot: With the Mueller testimony, it's politics, stupid!

July 24, 2019 - 1:26 pm

It’s politics, stupid! That is the most accurate way to describe the testimony of former special counsel Robert Mueller for the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill today.

Mueller’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee is the first half of a long day of testifying on the content of the infamous Mueller Report. Part 2 will be testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. This blog is based on the testimony before the Judiciary Committee.

Much of Mueller's answers was repeating hat was in the report, standing by what was in the report, saying he can’t address the question or asking for the question to be repeated. In the first half of the testimony, Mueller had difficulty hearing the questions or was distracted and needed many questions repeated. Mueller seemed nervous and did not project strong confidence, which led many on President Trump’s side to discredit him and the final report.

There is no doubt that Mueller’s testimony is driven by politics on both sides, and that is not surprising considering the current climate of political tribalism in America.

One new revelation from Mueller came when he admitted that from the very beginning of the investigation – they knew the investigation would not lead to an indictment of President Trump because of the Office of Legal Counsel’s (OLC) opinion that a sitting president cannot be indicted. But Mueller was clear on the reality that President Trump could be indicted for crimes after he leaves office.

President Trump insisted that the Mueller Report “exonerated” him of any crimes, but Mueller was definite in his disagreement with the President’s statement and said the report does not exonerate Trump.

A moment of confusion came when Rep. Doug Collins – (R) GA, asked if conspiracy and collusion were synonymous – to which Mueller said under oath they are not synonymous. Rep. Collins was quick to strike back with a section of the report where Mueller said the two words were the same. Then, Mueller admitted that conspiracy and collusion are not the same. That exposed a clink in the former special prosecutor’s testimony.

Mueller confirmed his belief that Russia wanted Donald Trump to beat Hillary Clinton.

Rep. John Ratcliffe (R) TX added heat to the political rhetoric when he referenced the “Democrats and the socialists on the other side.”

Another primary focus during the testimony before the House Judiciary Committee was President Trump’s comments about Mueller’s appointment as special prosecutor and testimony from others indicate Trump said that this was the end of his presidency and “I’m f****d!”

But Mueller gave credibility to President Trump when he repeated that his investigation did not find sufficient evidence to bring charges against the President.

Mueller was clear that if anyone other than the POTUS acted in the same manner – that person would have been indicted.

So far – Mueller’s testimony gives plenty of evidence for confirmation bias on the part of both political tribes.

The testimony now continues with Mueller appearing before the House Intelligence Committee. (Is “House Intelligence” an oxymoron?)


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