Scoot: Mobile gives New Orleans "permission" to have Mardi Gras?

February 08, 2018 - 10:58 am

On Tuesday, the Mayor of Mobile, Sandy Stimpson issued a proclamation.

“Whereas Mobile is known as having the oldest verified Mardi Gras celebration in the United States, beginning in 1703, well before the founding of our nation.

“And whereas the city is also host to the first formally organized Mardi Gras parade in the United States in 1830.

“And whereas the parading and celebrating traditions of other cities were initiated by migrating Mobilians, who spread the majesty of carnival season across the region.

“And whereas the city of mobile recognizes the importance of Carnival traditions that it begin, therefore I, William S. Stimpson, the 108th Mayor of Mobile, Alabama, do hereby grant full authorization to the city of New Orleans and any other revelers, krewe members of mystic societies to participate in the grand tradition of Mardi Gras this Carnival season.”

Well.  That’s a mighty bold proclamation from Mayor Stimpson, and Scoot was not having any of it.

“This is absurd. Just because someone had the first Mardi Gras doesn’t mean they own it.”

Listeners tended to agree.  One person texted into Scoot’s show, saying “flipping a coin is the only shot Mobile has at winning.”

To Scoot, it’s all about the truth and the facts here.

Look, they have a nice Mardi Gras.  But if you’re honest about Mardi Gras, then you would absolutely know that our Mardi Gras is bigger.  I’ve been to both; I’ve covered both.  They’ve got a nice Mardi Gras, but it doesn’t even compare to our Mardi Gras.”

What do you think?  Check out all of Scoot’s conversation below.

Mobile gives New Orleans 'permission' to have Mardi Gras?

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