Scoot: Mayor Landrieu breaking a verbal contract with voters hurts everyone

May 18, 2017 - 10:27 am

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu deceived the public by implying that the Confederate-era monuments removed from public view would be taken care of and stored in a safe place, like a warehouse, until a suitable resting place could be found.  On Wednesday, evidence surfaced showing parts of the B.G.T. Beauregard and Jefferson Davis monuments were sitting in a scarp yard.

This is not defense of the monuments remaining in public view on city property; this is criticism of the Mayor of New Orleans deceiving the public.  The visual of the monuments sitting in a scrap yard is blatant defiance of the verbal contract Mayor Landrieu made with the general public.  Remember, a mayor serves all the people, not just those who voted for him; and that was the obvious motivation behind his original idea of caring for the monuments once they had been removed.

At the end of my show yesterday, I read a text on the air that revealed the last two monuments removed had been placed in a scrap yard, and I made the comment that the pictures could have been photo-shopped by someone attempting to bash Mayor Landrieu.

As a radio talk show host who had generally defended Mayor Landrieu and only occasionally been critical, I felt personally deceived by the Mayor when I learned the pictures of the monuments in a scarp yard were not photo-shopped.

With a divided city embroiled in one of the most heated debates in the modern history of New Orleans, which is on the verge of turning 300 years old, Mayor Landrieu’s audacious decision to place parts of the Beauregard and Jefferson Davis monuments in a scrap yard is indefensible.

Remember, this is not about honoring the monuments; it is about a politician honoring their word, something so easily given, yet so hard to uphold.  For the many who are celebrating the removal of the monuments and enjoy seeing the Confederate-era figure in a scrap yard, the same man who lied to the other side in this case has the ability and willingness to lie to your side, too.

Mayor Landrieu is a lame duck mayor, but he obviously has national dreams in mind.  As a result of how the Mayor handled the removal of the monuments, could your ever trust what he promises, even if you agree with what he promises?

There are also serious questions about the source of the money and the cranes that were used to remove the monuments, and this is more information that could put Mayor Landrieu on a collision course with honesty.

The expectation of politicians lying and breaking promises has led to the acceptance of that; and it’s time that ends.  Only we, the voters, can hold politicians accountable.  

And until we do that, the lying and the breaking of promises will forever be an acceptable part of politics in New Orleans and America!

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