Scoot: Male freshman becomes homecoming queen - should society be alarmed?

November 13, 2018 - 11:04 am

We are living in confusing times.  The idea of political correctness has led to many changes, and not all of them should be seen as negative.  Political correctness has evolved into societal changes that promote acceptance of an individual based on their true inner self with no regard for society’s norms.

The thought of a male freshman student being elected homecoming queen at his school would have been considered a prank or joke, but 14-year-old Dylan Ligier was just elected homecoming queen at the Morris Jeff Community School in New Orleans, and it wasn’t a prank or a joke.

Dylan Ligier said, “I’ve always felt like a girl on the inside.”  For most of us, that is something we don’t understand, but is it necessary for us to understand?

Joseph Ligier, Dylan’s father, said he feared his son would be ridiculed and made fun of; but that’s not what happened. Upon being selected homecoming queen, Dylan Ligier said, “everyone started to cheer my name and people were hugging me, like everyone was hugging me, it was really cool!”

Dylan had started to transition but stopped and now says that being elected homecoming queen may inspire him to start the process of transitioning again.  By definition, transitioning means the process some people go through to align themselves more closely with the gender they most identify with internally. 

That might be manifested by wearing clothes that are visually congruent with society’s gender stereotypes.  It could also mean the transitioning person changes their name - if not legally then informally - and changing the he/she pronoun when referencing oneself.  Transitioning does not necessarily lead to sexual reassignment.

The outrage over a 14-year-old male freshman being elected homecoming queen at his school will be loud and passionate, and there will be dire predictions that this is another sign that American society is on the verge of collapse.  There will be no credible evidence to support those predictions, however. Yet, many people will accept and promote the negative impact that a male being elected homecoming queen will have on the dangerous evolution of American society.

But before anyone panics, let’s take a moment to react, not to the headline that a “Male student becomes homecoming queen,” but let’s ask ourselves the questions, “Who cares?” and “Is it any of our business?”

The students of a school elect the homecoming queen and the students at the Morris Jeff Community School voted Dylan Ligier their Homecoming Queen.  That was their decision - not your decision or mine. 

Every young generation has the freedom, and ultimately the responsibility, to define their own norms; and in the same way that Baby Boomers shocked the establishment as they redefined the norms of a young generation, that’s what is happening with today’s young generation.  What I find so ironic is as the new establishment in America, Baby Boomers seem to have amnesia when it comes to their past and bash the attitudes of younger generations as if accepting the diversity of people is a new thing.  It’s not new. 

Today’s establishment, which will make the most noise condemning a male freshman becoming Homecoming Queen, should recognize the mirror image of themselves when they look at a young generation today.  But, unfortunately, too many will justify their criticism without realizing each young generation has the right to define how they will judge each other.


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