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Scoot: LSU’s championship win sheds light to sickly Clemson tiger mascot!

January 14, 2020 - 1:17 pm

The excitement after LSU beat Clemson winning the College Football Championship in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome last night spilled into the streets of New Orleans!

After beating Clemson by a convincing score of 42-25, fans who had gathered to watch the game in bars put their elation on public display by taking to the streets and, in some cases, making downtown streets completely impassable.

The potent offense of the LSU Tigers, led by Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow, clashed with Clemson’s top-ranked defense and in the end there was no doubt that LSU lived up to the hype that it is one of the best football teams in the history of college football.

Since sports are played by humans – the ups and downs and the challenges of a game or a season can serve as metaphors for life. Last night, Joe Burrow and the LSU Tigers got off to a slow start and the explosive LSU offense was dominated by Clemson’s defense. But Burrow and the entire team never seemed to lose focus and remained mentally steadfast in their belief that they were on a mission to win the championship this season.

The lesson to be learned is that regardless of early obstacles you face in any aspect of life – do not lose focus or faith in yourself and work toward doing what you know you can do. That’s what LSU did last night.

In the seconnd quarter with Clemson leading 17-7 – Joe Burrow began to find his rhythm, and a few long pass completions that included great catches brought LSU within 4 points. The inner confidence of Joe Burrow never wavered; and with precision passing and some tough running – Burrow led his Tigers to a 28-17 lead at halftime.

Behind their great, young quarterback, Treavor Lawrence, Clemson came back and LSU led by only 3 in the third quarter. Not long after Clemson got within 3 – Joe Burrow and the LSU Tigers put together running and passing plays that looked like a highlight reel in real time.

The game ended with LSU beating Clemson 42-25 – winning the College Football Championship!

After watching the game with a packed house at Rock N Bowl on S. Carrollton in New Orleans and doing a report on the wild, cheering fans, I went to Bourbon Street to see Mardi Gras-like chaos in the streets. The last time I saw the French Quarter that packed and that excited outside of Mardi Gras was when the Saints won the Super Bowl!

At 1:00 am – a couple of hours after LSU’s victory – LSU fans were high-fiving and hugging total strangers as they mingled on America’s most famous street. Many were drunk and having fun! The street was packed – but so were the bars and clubs along Bourbon Street. Many of those celebrating did not actually go to the game – they had come to the city to be party of the event and to be in a position to share a historic sports moment with others should they win – and they did.

It would not be unreasonable to think that some people didn’t make it into work today. LSU postponed the beginning of the new semester, set to open Monday, until Wednesday, realizing that the game would be a complete distraction for students and teachers.

Fans invest in teams; and when your team wins – you feel like you won.  The LSU victory made a lot of people feel like they are winners, too!

Before the game, I commented on my experience of seeing LSU and Clemson fans on the street together and that there seemed to be a sharing of respect each team’s fans had for the other team. There was not much trash-talking. Further proof that the relationship between LSU and Clemson fans is congenial surfaced after the game when some LSU fans started a GoFundMe account to raise money to help Clemson buy a new Tiger mascot.

The Clemson tiger mascot appeared quite inferior as it shared the spotlight with LSU’s tiger mascot. The Clemson tiger looked weak and sickly, and its head was disproportionately small relative to its body. The Clemson tiger mascot looked like a character from the movie “Beetlejuice.”

Clemson is an excellent team with a quarterback destined for the NFL, though some regrouping is needed in the offseason. Clemson needs to dedicate a lot of time to figuring out what’s wrong with their mascot, however!

Simply put – the Clemson tiger mascot looks like it belongs on a poster for a “Kids – don’t do drugs” campaign!

Geaux Tigers!


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