President Trump, LSU Tigers

Scoot: LSU’s players did not politicize White House trip

January 17, 2020 - 12:30 pm

As national college football champions – the LSU Tigers visited the White House today with President Trump, who praised the 15-0 Tigers.

During the Obama administration and the Trump administration, some athletes of championship teams have politicized the opportunity to visit the White House by refusing the invitation as a way of dishonoring the sitting president. The LSU invitation to the White House seemed void of political statements.

With the undefeated LSU Tigers present – President Trump credited the team with inspiring “countless fans across the country.”

An athlete has the right to make a political statement by refusing an invitation by a sitting president, but it was nice that LSU’s trip to the White House appeared to be without political controversy.

It is quite possible that all of the players on the 15-0 LSU team that stood behind President Trump at the White House are not fans of Trump and do not plan on voting for him this year, but there should be times when we - as Americans - put politics aside and respect the office of the presidency. I know the arguments on both sides that say it is up to a president to earn respect for the White House; but in the case where a championship team is invited to be honored by a sitting president, I think politics should be pushed aside.

I applaud the LSU Tigers for not politicizing their moment in the spotlight, but I think President Trump should have shown equal respect by not injecting his impeachment trial into the event.

While praising the team and the coaches, President Trump commented that he is one of the good presidents - “Even though they’re trying to impeach the son of a b****!”

Honoring a championship sports team is not the time for politicization - and that goes for the teams and the sitting president.

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