Scoot: Let the Saints finish the job before we celebrate

November 13, 2017 - 10:52 am

I hesitated to write this blog because of the criticism I will get from some Saints fans who say I am just being negative.  But writing or saying something that might draw criticism has never stopped from expressing my true thoughts before and it won’t stop me now.

As impressive as the Saints win against the Bills was yesterday in Buffalo – and it was impressive – and as solid as the team has been since their 0 – 2 start to the season, it’s too soon to talk about the Saints going to the Super Bowl.  I am not being negative; I am only being realistic.

I feel great about this Saints team for a number of reasons.  Mostly, I am impressed with the team effort, which is something that has been gravely missing in recent years.  There is a different chemistry with the 2017 Saints and contributing to that chemistry is the combination of young players and veterans.  The young players, in particular rookies Kamara on offense and Lattimore on defense, seem to have ignited the enthusiasm of the veteran players and that has created a special attitude with this Saints team.

However, as optimistic as I am after the Saints ran over the Bills yesterday, I think it’s premature to have such stout confidence that the Saints are “going to the Super Bowl!” 

I love the optimism of New Orleans, but the resurrected refrain that the Saints are “going to the Super Bowl” reflects a tendency in this area to celebrate before all the work is done and that ignores the reality of the NFL – and life.

Unique to New Orleans is the idea that success without finishing the job is reason enough to celebrate.  Not only does this approach often lead to disappointment, but it also suggests that it’s okay to celebrate before the victory of reaching the ultimate goal.  This applies to the business world as much as it applies to the Saints.

Have there ever been times when you celebrated before the job was finished?  I can look back and admit that there was a time when I celebrated success too early, and the result was slipping from the top.  At that moment, I learned to never stop working and fighting toward a goal and then keep working and fighting to remain at the top of what I do.  Being the best is a daily battle we all face and celebrating too soon allows us to be so satisfied that we are no longer working the be the best because we think we are the best.

It’s great to love how the Saints are playing and the team getting their 7th win in a row; but if the Saints acted like many of the fans, then we would be complaining that the Saints are focusing too much on their immediate success and not focusing more on taking the season one game at a time.

Having lived in other cities with prominent sports teams, I can say that New Orleans is more prone to treat success as if it’s the goal rather than part of the journey.  I have actually heard some fans say the Saints are “going to the Super Bowl” after a successful preseason.  History reveals how silly that is.

Celebrate and feel great about the Saints on this Monday following the team running over the Bills for a 7th win in a row, but there is a lot of season left to go.  As much as we hate the Falcons, they are a very good football team; and their hate for us means they will fight hard too.  We still have to play the Falcons twice.

I love the way the 2017 Saints are playing, and I do see similarities between this team and the 2009 team that went on to win the Super Bowl.  Let’s be football savvy enough, though, to admit that the Saints are not finished doing the job of getting to the playoffs, much less winning a trip to the Super Bowl. 

At this point, the Saints are a top contender to go all the way, but I choose to follow the attitude of Sean Payton and Drew Brees when they say the team is playing good football, but the job is not finished!

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