Scoot: Kurt Cobain’s daughter lost her dad’s guitar in a divorce

May 16, 2018 - 11:53 am

Should everything be community property in a divorce?

A sad story about divorce convinces me that not everything should be “community property.” Kurt Cobain’s 25-year-old daughter, Francis Bean, lost her father’s iconic guitar in her divorce from her ex-husband, Isaiah Silva. This was the guitar Kurt played when Nirvana appeared in the famous episode of “MTV Unplugged.” It is a 1959 Martin D-18-E guitar. Francis Bean had reportedly asked the court to award her the guitar; but in the end, her ex got it. Is that fair?

Divorce is usually ugly; and in some way, most people lose something in a divorce. But should there be some items that more belong to one party in the divorcing couple than the other?

I’m not sure what legal precedent could be set that would designate some items that are technically “community property” as items that more rightfully belong to one party over the other, but there should be a way to apply the human element.

My uncle married a much younger woman, and he gave his mother’s – my grandmother’s – engagement ring to his young fiancée. The marriage was instantly a failure, and my uncle requested his mother’s ring back. However, the young woman felt she was entitled to what was not only a sentimental item to my uncle, but also a very valuable ring.

I often wondered how she lived with her decision to keep what would have been a sentimental treasure to my uncle. But there are enough real-life stories proving that some people are motivated by self-centered greed.

When I read that Kurt Cobain’s daughter lost her father’s signature guitar in a divorce, I was reminded of those people who are selfish and lack a sense of humanity.

Even if the courts viewed the iconic guitar as “community property,” wouldn’t you think that Kurt’s daughter’s ex-husband would have given her the guitar?

If two people get married, the assumption is that at one point they so loved each other that marriage was the obvious expression of that love. I’ve been through divorce, and I understand the challenge of reconciling what was love to a completely different state of mind. I just can’t imagine keeping something as precious as that guitar, though, even in a divorce defined by great animosity.

But then again, I’m human; and not everyone can make that claim.

Francis Bean Cobain’s ex-husband should have allowed her to keep Kurt’s guitar.

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