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Scoot: Kick Romney out of GOP for voting his conscious?

February 06, 2020 - 1:00 pm

A threat to our republic has come in the form of condemnation of a U.S. senator voting his conscious over party line. When Senator Mitt Romney was viciously attacked for daring to vote according to his religious-based conscious that President Trump was guilty of abuse of power, a declaration was made that the two major political parties are in charge – not the American people.

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney – now a senator from his home state of Utah – begrudgingly announced that he was voting “guilty” on the charge of abuse of power by President Trump. Senator Romney said that he knew this was an unpopular decision – but an easy decision for him to make because of his deep Mormon faith. Romney spoke about taking an oath with God as a witness, and that left him no choice but to be honest with his conscious.

“I understand there’s going to be enormous consequences and I don’t have a choice in that regard. That’s why – that’s why I haven’t been anxious to be in the position I’m in,” Romney told Fox News host Chris Wallace.

Romney also said that he agrees with President Trump “80% of the time” and that he does not “dislike the president.” But the former Republican presidential candidate said on the matter of dealing with aide to Ukraine – Trump “made a very serious miscalculation of judgment, one that strikes at the very core of our Constitution.”

Disagree with Romney if you will – that’s fair - but the harsh criticism of Romney’s heart-felt decision is anti-American. We are a nation that prides ourselves on individual and collective free-thinking. Republican Senator Ted Cruz (TX) said he believes Romney’s vote was a “mistake,” but “had no hard feelings toward” him. Fox News Channel host Laura Ingraham has called on Romney to resign and even said she “may consider opposing him in 4 ½ years.”

The son of President Trump – Donald, Jr. – tweeted:

I understand that Junior does not appreciate the history of the word “resistance,” but it has been used as a term to describe militant groups. Compared to true militant groups – it does not seem fitting for one of the dominant political parties in America to be described as the “resistance.”

The notion that Mitt Romney should be kicked out of the Republican Party for voting his conscious is unfathomable in the context of an America that prides itself on the concept of freedom.

Donald, Jr. is obviously ignorant to the reality that removing a politician from a party does not appear to fall within the jurisdiction of the Republican Party. And the idea that a politician be removed from a party because he/she casts an unpopular vote is frightening.

Disagree between political parties and even among political parties is as old as politics itself – but there is something threatening to our system when the President of the United States and members of his party fail to support the freedom to vote one’s conscious.

The demand that all Republicans agree on crucial issues implies a dictatorial mentality that is contrary to the foundation upon which America was built.

Passionately opposing a politician’s vote is a healthy part of our democratic republic – but the urge to remove a politician from a political party because that politician voted his/her conscious is absurd.

And House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripping up President Trump’s State of the Union address in grandiose fashion only minimized Trump’s apparent refusal to shake her hand. Pelosi had the perfect opportunity to be the bigger person by allowing her emotions to dictate her behavior. If Pelosi had not torn up the speech – Pelosi could have used criticism of President Trump’s apparent rebuke to her advantage. But she didn’t.

As the political season of 2020 ramps up – we are witnessing the first shots in a battle that promises to be ugly and hateful and the ultimate losers will be “we – the people.”

In the meantime – just sit back and enjoy the show because it will be a show!

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