Scoot: Firestorm reaction to video over use of the word “deplorable”

February 19, 2020 - 1:03 pm

A firestorm erupted from the Facebook video I posted yesterday on the WWL Radio and SOTA Facebook pages.

The title of the video was “Are those who throw racist items from parade floats “deplorables?” In the 1 minute and 42 second video, I specifically use the word “deplorable” to describe anyone who would use a Mardi Gras parade to promote racism. In the short video - I clearly point out that Hillary was wrong to call Trump supporters “deplorables” during the 2016 presidential campaign – but – I can’t think of a better word to describe those who would use a Mardi Gras parade to promote racism.

As defined by several dictionaries – the word “deplorable” means very bad. It says a lot about any individual that believes “deplorable” is not an appropriate word to describe those who would use a Mardi Gras parade to promote racism.

The posts on the WWL Radio Facebook page were overwhelmingly critical of my use of the word “deplorable” as if they assumed I was referring to ALL Trump supporters and not the individuals that promote racism. There is a strong tendency for many social media trolls to react to a headline without consuming the content of an accompanying video or article.

I have actually verified this tendency by posting a video that was not specifically represented by the headline. The comments proved that trolls were quick to react to the headline alone and not the actual content. Based on the comments assuming that I was referring to ALL Trump supporters, it seems obvious that many were content to post responses from misinformed trolls.

Here are a few comments from the video on Facebook:

  • Michael: It figures an uber liberal like you (Scoot) would ask a question like this.
  • Mary: It’s snowflakes doing this so you can blame deplorables. You DemoRATS are all destructive and violent!
  • Les: The people keep bringing the subject are the liberals, the real deplorables!
  • Frankie: It’s not like we have 2 dead bodies in a condemned building that has been sitting for months…we can’t talk about that daily but you can phrase a question to directly attack trump supporters…what a POS.

And then there were the supportive posts:

  • Ben: Why are you all blaming Scoot? He is simply the “Messenger” and is solely seeking feedback on a controversial news item. What the hell is wrong with that?
  • Beth: Thank you for continuing to talk about these things. From the majority of the replies, a lot of people would rather stick their heads in the sand and pretend that this stuff doesn’t happen. Keep shining a light on the hate. Maybe someday, it will truly be defeated.

The idea of removing the word “deplorable” from our language because of the way Hillary used it to describe Trump supporters during the 2016 campaign is ridiculous.  We should all be smart enough to distinguish the various ways words can be used and that taking into consideration the specific context of a word is not too much to expect from Americans.

Since I did make the distinction between Hillary’s use of “deplorables” and my use of “deplorables” it seems likely that many Facebook trolls reacted only to the headline and did not care about the actual content of the video.

Am I no longer allowed to use the word “trump” as a verb to describe “getting the best of something?” Is that word now removed from our language because of President Donald Trump? No – when “trump” as a verb fits – I will use it.

If you are so sensitive and politically territorial that you cannot understand an alternative use of the word “deplorable” – then grow up.

And for those who react to a headline over substance – we can assume you are going to the polls as an uneducated voter.

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