Scoot: Does Faith Hill headlining a voter registration rally help Democrats more than Republicans?

September 19, 2018 - 11:09 am

When a female superstar announces that she is headlining a voter registration rally to encourage people to register to vote in the upcoming mid-term elections, the initial impression might be that it is a liberal celebrity trying to get new voters to defeat Republicans at the polls in November.  But when the female celebrity is country music superstar Faith Hill, the stereotype of the typical liberal celebrity is challenged.  Also challenged is the notion that country music’s top stars are all conservatives.

Faith Hill will headline a voter registration rally next Monday, September 24, in Nashville.  Hill feels strongly about Americans voting, and she is working with When We All Vote, a non-profit group that pushes voter registration and encourages people to vote, regardless of their party affiliation.

In a quote to the Tennessean, Hill said, “When we all vote we make a difference.  A difference that can be felt all the way from Tennessee to the nation’s capital, and everywhere in between.”

Faith Hill’s non-partisan drive to encourage people to register and vote in the November 6th mid-term election will be perceived by many as a campaign to get new voters registered to voice their discontent with the Trump administration by voting for Democrats.  But since it is billed as a non-partisan rally, then the perception is not reality.

It is true that many voter registration drives are spearheaded by Democrats interested in defeating Republicans in November with the goal of gaining control of the House, the Senate or both, but encouraging voter registration is non-partisan. 

There are liberal activists and liberal celebrities who are pushing for voter registration in hopes that more Democrats than Republicans will win in November, but the idea of pushing citizens to vote should transcend party lines.  Both sides should join the non-partisan groups in encouraging voter registration.

The deadline for registering to vote in the November 6 mid-term election is October 9 - that is 20 days from today.  The outcome of the election is critical for both sides.  If Republicans lose total control of Congress, then the fate of President Trump and his agenda may be jeopardized.  For Democrats, the motive to push for new voters is to encourage a blue wave in November.

Faith Hill’s involvement with a non-profit voter registration group should break two stereotypes: 1) All country music stars and fans are not conservatives, and 2) voter registration drives are open equally to all sides.  If your side fails to register and to vote in larger numbers, then your side loses.

Voter turnout during all elections is embarrassingly low, especially for mid-term elections.  And the only thing to blame is the American citizens who choose not to vote.  One of the most fundamental things that defines a “patriotic American” is registering to vote and actually voting.  And yet, many Americans who claim to be patriotic and claim to care about this country do not make the effort to vote.

There will always be elections where neither candidate truly represents you, but that is a poor excuse for not taking the time to participate in one of the great rights we have in America - the right to vote and have a voice in our political system. 

As demonstrated in the 2016 presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton - not voting is actual a vote for the other side.  And shouldn’t voting define the credibility of those who love to bitch and complain about the outcome of elections or the direction of America?

In Louisiana, October 9 is the deadline to register for the mid-term election.  Find out what the deadline is in your state and register - and then vote on November 6!

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