Scoot: First Lady Melania’s Christmas decorations criticized!

November 28, 2018 - 1:43 pm

People love to criticize; but when I heard about the criticism of First Lady Melania Trump’s White House Christmas decorations, I realized that we now live in a society that criticizes, literally, EVERYTHING!

Last year, the First Lady’s Christmas decorations were criticized as being too “white” – relating to color not race. This year, Melania’s decorations in the White House are being criticized for being too “scary.”

The White House has numerous rooms and hallways decorated for Christmas, but one hallway is attracting negative reaction because it is lined with varying sizes of deep red Christmas trees void of any lights or ornaments.  The alignment of the Christmas trees has been compared to scenes from the horror flick, “The Shining.” One text included a meme with twin girls standing in the hallway with the red trees. Another meme placed white hats atop each tree bringing to mind “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

A post on my Facebook page – Scoot On The Air – inspired countless comments from a Democrat who thought the display of the deep red Christmas trees were fine and that people have become too petty. Another post suggested the Russians must have been the decorations.

All of this leads to the reality that people are looking for things to criticize, and the art of criticism has become a participatory sport. Each First Lady puts her personal touch on the Christmas decorations in the White House. First Lady Melania Trump has decorated the White House for Christmas in a way that reflects her personal taste. Not all of the Christmas decorations are drawing criticism, but this one hallway with the deep red trees has been compared to a scene from a horror movie.

As a nation, we can’t even allow a First Lady to do what First Ladies do when it comes to decorating the White House and that seems to prove that nothing – literally NOTHING – is immune from criticism.

One text asked if the deep red trees were “dipped in the blood of children kept in cages at the border.”

In the light of the criticism of the Christmas decorations at the White House – can you think of anything that is above being criticized? Anything?

Maybe we should all recognize our tendency to criticize everything and learn to just accept some things as they are.

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