Scoot: Brees is back!

February 18, 2020 - 12:28 pm

Today, Saints quarterback Drew Brees announced on Instagram that he is returning for the 2020 season.


My feelings about the 2020 season! I look forward to the grind and the journey, for the reward at the end will be worth it!!! Love you #WhoDatNation. Let’s make another run at it!

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And with that, the speculation ended – Brees is back!

This news really doesn’t come as a big surprise to many, including WWL “Sports Talk” host Bobby Hebert, who believes that Brees is still performing at a top level in the NFL and that his competitive nature would not allow him to retire at this point. Hebert believed that Brees returning was the Saints only ticket to make it to the Super Bowl next season.

There was also talk that Tom Brady’s commitment to return for the 2020 season may have been a nudge that helped Brees decide that he, too, would return. One of the themes surrounding whether Brees would return or retire was the race for NFL records. Conventional wisdom was that if Brady returned – Brees would return to keep up with setting records. But a team’s journey to the Super Bowl is based more on team play than a quest to set records.

Obviously, if a team has a record-setting quarterback, they have a better chance of winning – but the emphasis should never be on setting records.

But let’s celebrate! Drew Brees is coming back!!!

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