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Scoot: We can’t let the reality of the COVID-19 crisis discourage us!

April 02, 2020 - 1:14 pm

Everyday is a winding road

I get a little bit closer

Everyday is a faded sign

I get a little bit closer to feeling fine…..

- Sheryl Crow -

And today the number of coronavirus cases and deaths continue to rise in the state of Louisiana - led by the city of New Orleans. Even though this was expected to happen - the reality presents another challenge for us all to continue to follow the stay-at-home orders and respect social distancing.

We can say we are prepared for the news that the numbers will continue to rise, but witnessing the ongoing rise with the prediction that the crisis will get worse before it gets better is a harsh reminder of the severity of this shared crisis in America.

It is important to remember that what is happening now was predicted; and while we may instinctively feel discouraged - we have to continue to be tough and sacrifice by staying at home and physically distancing ourselves from each other.

We are all experiencing people who show no respect for the rules that are now important to slow the spread of COVID-19. It is amazing how many people don’t understand the gravity of this crisis. But there is hope.

If we are willing to continue to deal with the loss of earnings and the depressive aspects of our sacrifices - we will win the war. You’re human, and it’s understandable to be down.  But let’s do all we can to inspire ourselves and each other to work together in our collective fight against a deadly disease that has rapidly spread across America and around the world. There is strong evidence that shows our sacrifices will work; therefore, we have to keep doing what we are doing, even in the face of rising numbers. At some point soon - we should see the increase ease and eventually come down.

This is not our fault - this is not something that could have been predicted - but this is our reality.

The optics of everyone wearing masks at some point will increase stress and anxiety - but we cannot allow that to discourage us. If you are the parents of teenagers - do all you can to impress upon them just how serious this is - even for them.

Evidence that many are still not taking this seriously is shown by the announcement that the Lakefront in New Orleans will be closed to vehicular traffic from Friday night to Monday morning.  This will continue through the crisis. The closing was necessary because too many people were gathering in groups.

The reality of the facts may seem like the media sensationalizing the news - but the cold hard facts are needed to impress upon some people the serious nature of the crisis. A report that the government has ordered body bags illustrates the seriousness of the coronavirus spared.

Continue to find normalcy during this time of uncertainty. Seek things that are part of your disrupted life. We all need some routine to preserve our sanity.

We have been blessed.

I’m just wondering why I feel so all alone

Why I’m a stranger in my own life…..

- Sheryl Crow -

We will get through this if we all make the sacrifices we are asked to make. And find what lessons we can all learn from this so that when we return to normal - we will be better individuals, families, cities and a better nation.

Stay strong - stay safe!

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