Scoot: Death threats and the monuments

May 05, 2017 - 11:43 am

A small business owner has received death threats after accepting a job that paid $300 to deliver fencing to surround the Jefferson Davis monument.

The business owner’s truck was spotted at the location of the monument with fencing that blocked protesters and vandals from the area, and that led to a barrage of calls threatening the owner and his business.  Do those threatening the owner and his business know how absurd and ignorant their actions are?

There is passionate conviction on both sides of the issue of removing Confederate-era monuments; but the process of removing the monuments is a legal one, even if many vehemently disagree with the decision.  

The monuments sit on city property; and the New Orleans City Council voted, on behalf of the people that elected them to office, to have the monuments removed.  The business owner who delivered the fencing to keep protesters and vandals away from the monument accepted an opportunity to perform a legal job; and for that, the man is receiving death threats?

The death threats are as big an issue as removing the monuments.  Those who are making the death threats do not represent all of those who oppose the removal of the monuments; but that behavior must be denounced loud and clear by everyone, even those who are fighting to keep the monuments.

Threatening the life of anyone over the removal of the monuments is violent, un-American and evil – as was the attitude of the men and the generation that supported slavery.  It is hypocritical to stand up for the men honored in the monuments and then threaten to kill someone for doing a job you disagree with. 

This behavior is deplorable.! Hillary Clinton was wrong to use the word “deplorable” to describe Trump supporters during the campaign, but the word is a very accurate way to describe the mentality of any individual threatening to kill a man for doing his job to support his business and his family. 

Disagreeing with the removal of the monuments is protected by freedom of speech and should be respected, even by those who support the removal of the monuments.  But there should be no support of anyone threatening to kill anyone involved in the process this controversy. 

The other common theme among those condemning the businessman is the threat to never come to New Orleans again.  Threats to never return to the city are very similar to the threats celebrities make when they say that if a candidate wins an election they will leave the country.  We all know that they don’t leave.  The threats were just shallow attempts to change the course of the election and are founded in a false sense of importance on the part of the celebrities.  

If someone would vow to never come to New Orleans if the Confederate-era monuments are removed, I suggest that person didn’t really come to New Orleans in the first place.  And the threat to never come to the city again is a shallow threat that will have virtually no impact on the city.
Vowing to never come to New Orleans means an individual will never attend a concert in the city, never agree to take their children to a concert or any event in the city, never attend another Saints game and never meet family or business associates in New Orleans for a visit.  I wonder how many really think about what it would mean to follow through on a threat to never come to New Orleans?

And it’s time for both sides to stop pointing fingers and saying the other side is more violent.  After the election of Donald Trump, there were those on the left that participated in violent protests, which led to the charge that the left is more violent than the right.  I have spoken about my experience on the air in Seattle and Portland, where I witnessed, first hand, how violent and disruptive the “left” can be.  But the “right” can be violent, too.  Threatening to kill a business owner performing a job that one disagrees with is extremely violent and strips the “right” of the opportunity to scream the “left” is more violent.

Stop it!  Literally, STOP IT!

To be a patriotic American means to accept the political and judicial process no matter how flawed each can be.  No one should be waving an American flag, wearing an American flag pin or showing any outward signs of being patriotic if they are willing to threaten lives over issues, like removing Confederate-era monuments.

Are you really patriotic?  Or, are you a phony version of a patriotic American?

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