Scoot comes out da closet for New Orleans Red Dress Run

August 10, 2018 - 12:32 pm

The annual Red Dress Run in the heat of August in New Orleans is a red sea of debauchery that flows through the French Quarter. Bourbon Street will be packed with crowds that rival Mardi Gras Day.  The annual event raises money for local charities and non-profits and has become an afternoon of women and men wearing red dresses as many participate in an all-day affair of drinking, sweating and partying. The official slogan for the Red Dress Run is "A New Orleans drinking club with a running problem."

Scoot's participation in the event, which will include live FB coverage from the red crowd, will feature Scoot in a red dress!  Friend, country pop sensation Amanda Shaw, offered to lend Scoot one of her red dresses.  Here is Scoot modeling a few of the dresses and the FB audience will decide which dress Scoot should wear!

Click the red comment button below and tell us which dress Scoot should wear? 

#1-The Carrie Bradshaw?  #2-Dorthy?  Or- #3 Joan Jett?!? 

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