Scoot: Ban sex with animals in Louisiana

April 10, 2018 - 10:34 am

Louisiana is a backwards state that continues to be dominated by a ruling class with a morally misdirected, Neanderthal mentality, and every session of the Louisiana Legislature brings us face-to-face with that embarrassing reality.

The Louisiana Senate voted 25 - 10 to tighten the law that prohibits sex with animals. The current law on the books covers “crimes against nature,” which includes sex with the same gender, sodomy and sex with animals; but that statute was struck down by the Supreme Court’s ruling that laws banning sodomy were unconstitutional.

State Senator J.P. Morrell (D-New Orleans) introduced the new legislation at the request of the Humane Society.  Morrell further raises the issue of the promotion of sex with animals and the actual trafficking of animals for sex.

The bill would not apply to the practice of animal husbandry.

If you think that it’s admirable that the legislature is addressing the issue of passing a stricter law that prohibits sex with animals, then stop and think about why this is even a question in 2018.  The fact that the current law on the books is not strict enough in banning sex with animals is a testament to the backwards mentality so often associated with the state of Louisiana.

To further demonstrate the collective stupidity of our legislature, that group of political geniuses failed to strike the law banning sodomy in the state from the books.  That law was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in the case of Lawrence v. Texas in 2003.  The law on the books in our state is meaningless, yet our legislature is clinging to this idea that the law that bans sodomy is somehow a moral stand against homosexuality.  However, so ignorant are the legislators that many may not realize that a law banning sodomy also bans oral and anal sex among heterosexuals.  Image the hypocrisy that unfolds in bedrooms all across the great state of Louisiana!

And now - in 2018 - the legislature is considering a bill that would discourage sex with animals!  And the vote of 25 - 10 to advance the bill means that 10 lawmakers in Louisiana voted to protect the ambiguity of a law that appears to make it more difficult for law enforcement to arrest humans from having sex with animals.

As a group, the Louisiana Legislature perpetuates the worst aspects of the “good ole boy network” of archaic thinking that ignores the progress and evolution of our national society. 

There are some things about Louisiana that are charming and should be preserved but not those things that justify Louisiana’s image as a backward Southern state.


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