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Scoot: Are you staying positive as coronavirus numbers rise?

April 01, 2020 - 1:02 pm

Today is April Fools' Day - would it be nice if we woke up today and there was a large announcement about the coronavirus crisis - “APRIL FOOLS'!”

The reality of the spread of coronavirus grows deeper with every passing day. The more we sacrifice and follow the stay-at-home orders - the more cases and deaths we witness. Our challenge is to not allow that disconnect to discourage us because what we are doing now should be working to slow the spread.

Those of us who are following the stay-at-home orders will not see our efforts manifested in the numbers for a few more days - maybe a week - but the experts are telling us that we are doing the right thing and must continue even if feeling discouraged by the continued increase in the numbers.

Vice President  Mike Pence - appearing on CNN - this morning said that what is going on in the United States is comparable to what was experienced in Italy. The U.S. has passed Italy as the nation with the most coronavirus cases. At the time the stay-at-home orders went into effect we were told the numbers would continue to rise and that the stay-at-home and social distancing practices would take a couple of weeks to be realized.

We are finally approaching that time when the rewards of our efforts and sacrifices will become reality.

It is imperative that we continue to remember that the sacrifices we are making should be seen as a way that all Americans can serve their country. Accept the reality of what we are dealing with and the drastic changes in our lives. I think it’s important to find comfortable patterns in your life that was totally disrupted and seek a new normal during this time of chaos.

While we should apply a zen mentality in our approach to this crisis - we should also think about the idea that we will one day return to everyday life in America.

As I took my walk yesterday - I enjoyed the quiet calm of the abandoned streets of the French Quarter - from the absence of artists and street performers at Jackson Square on a beautiful spring afternoon in New Orleans to the oddly clean and litter-free gutters along Bourbon Street. As much as I enjoyed the changes - I also knew that the return of the noise and activity and the litter and trash along the gutters of Bourbon Street would mean that life has returned and the coronavirus crisis behind us.

Stay positive - let’s continue to serve our city, our state, our country and each other by respecting the stay-at-home orders and the practices of social distancing.

We will win this war - we will win it quicker if unite and continue down this path.

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