Scoot: Amy Schumer and The Rock criticized for social media posts

June 12, 2019 - 1:11 pm

Have you noticed that we now live in a world where it is not enough to have opposing opinions – the ultimate goal seems to be criticizing people in an effort to tell them how to lead their lives?

The brief video I posted on my Facebook page of the Naked Bike Ride in New Orleans over the weekend caused an explosion of emotional reaction and went viral. And why?

Many of the posts to the video carried an undertone of a desire to not just disagree with the event – but to demand that people not participate in such an event.

In the news today are two stories about reaction to social media postings that confirm we are living in a society with people who want to tell others how to lead their lives.

Comedian Amy Schumer posted a picture of her hiking with her new born in a stroller in a rather isolated location. Schumer was wearing a black bra, mesh hospital underwear and sneakers. There were those who posted support for Schumer being honest and candid about post-partum life – but there was criticism condemning her for what she was wearing. The picture is anything but obscene, and her black bra could be a halter top. I assume since Amy Schumer has large breasts the bra seems more revealing. The hospital mesh underwear are far from inappropriate and adequately cover everything. Schumer looks like she’s wearing a halter top and shorts.

One person posted that Schumer needed to “brush her hair and put some decent clothing on.” Another post read, “put some decent clothes on and grow up.” These posts suggest an attempt to tell Amy Schumer specifically what she needs to do in her life.

Dwayne Johnson – The Rock – is being condemned for an Instagram post of his 3-year-old daughter, Jasmine, at a swimming lesson. In the picture – Jasmine is not wearing a swimsuit.

Taking pictures of babies and very young children without clothing is as old as the camera. It was once considered a way of capturing the innocence of a baby – but today it has been turned into child pornography.

While I do understand that society has changed – I think it’s important to notice what motivates change. There should be nothing sexual about a nude picture of a baby or a very young child, and the individual who assigns a sexual meaning to such pictures is truly the one with the problem – not the person who took the picture.

In the case of Amy Schumer – it’s okay to have an opinion about what she is wearing while on a hike with her new baby – but to launch harsh criticism of Schumer shows that too many people have a desire to personally dictate lifestyles to others.

The idea of forcing specific lifestyle decisions on others is a growing trend, and there seems to be no end in sight. Hey, you can disagree with opinions or with someone’s style – but stop trying to force your ways on others.

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