Scoot: Why America should be concerned

October 12, 2017 - 11:27 am

The collection of information pouring out of the White House, combined with the absurd words and comments from President Trump himself, should send a shock wave across the bow of America.

President Trump tweeted a message to America that amounted to a threat to take away NBC’s license to broadcast because of a story the President claims is false – or “fake news.”  That story involved the reports from sources that were in the room that Trump said he wanted the U.S. nuclear arsenal to be increased tenfold. 

President Trump has also denounced another NBC story about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calling Trump a “f***ing moron.”  NBC claims to have credible witnesses and is standing by both stories in the face of President Trump’s insistence that these stories are “fake news.”

But there’s more. 

President Trump is reported to have recently blurted out, “I hate everyone in the White House!”  There are also new reports that the President’s admirable Chief of Staff General John Kelly is frustrated and is miserable in his position, and there is talk of a graceful exit for General Kelly.  President Trump said that story was “fake news.”

President Trump bullied his way into the debate over some NFL players kneeling for the National Anthem.  President Trump created “fake news” himself this week when he deceptively misrepresented a statement from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Goodell issued a statement saying that everyone should stand for the National Anthem.  President Trump jumped on that statement as proof that his involvement in the controversy caused the NFL to change its position on the issue. 

Goodell’s statement was consistent with the NFL rule that players “should” stand for the National Anthem.  President Trump touted his power by saying that the NFL rule had changed and the league was “demanding” that players stand.  The difference between the definitions of “should” and “demanding” is obvious to the average middle school student.

President Trump’s childlike attack on the height of Senator Bob Corker, who openly challenged the President’s ability to lead America, was met with further condemnation and more questions about Trump’s mental and emotional state.

The picture that is being painted of President Trump’s mental and emotional state is frightening.  Long-time friend Tom Barrack, who produced the President’s inauguration, has now come forward and questioned who Donald Trump has become, saying that the behavior is “beneath him.”

The President’s political Siamese twin, Steve Bannon, said President Trump has only a 30% chance of finishing his first term and that the biggest threat to the President is the 25th Amendment, which gives the Cabinet the power to remove the president from office.  That, however, is very unlikely.

But of all the clues that something isn’t right in the White House, the most disturbing clue was President Trump’s blatant disregard for the First Amendment. Trump’s suggestion that NBC’s right to have a license to broadcast is in question because of what the President deemed “fake news,” should send a chill up the spine of every American, especially the Trump loyalists who are also loyal to the Constitution. 

This comment was a mark of insanity.  First of all, the President does not control the licenses of broadcast entities or the media in general.  Secondly, that severe retaliation for a story damaging to the President’s image is the kind of threat common to a government led by a dictator – not the government of the United States.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Kansas questioned if President Trump’s comment about the NBC story showed that he was denying the very oath of office he swore to when taking office.

Time after time, President Trump has defined himself as a person who is obsessed with getting attention and is driven solely by his massive ego and appears to be willing to go to any lengths to protect his image and his ego even if it comes at the detriment of the American people.

Not all of the hosts on the Fox News Channel are super conservative, but Neil Cavuto can be described as a very conservative host who has been a loyal Trump supporter.

This week on his show, Cavuto directed his commentary to President Trump personally.  In the commentary, Cavuto said:

  • “Some of your tweets are making the people you need run for cover.”
  • On your tax cut plan “Mr. Art of The Deal is killing the deal.”
  • “You can’t drain the swamp if all you’re doing is throwing mud.”
  • “Tweeting out tacky insults just seems beneath you.”
  • “You are running out of friends faster than you are running out of time.
  • “For you – it can’t be the thunderous applause of a base that isn’t growing.  It’s time to reach beyond that base.  You are the president of all of the people.”

At the close of his commentary, Neil Cavuto said that he will get texts saying that he is “clueless” and that he is a “globalist” and even that he’s a “fat doofus” – which he said “hurts my feelings.”  He said he was motivated to talk to President Trump about “being a human being.”

That is a powerful message directed at President Trump from the host on the cable news network he is constantly praising and promoting.

Is this “fake news” too, Mr. President?

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