Scoot: Squirrels in custody!

September 14, 2017 - 11:04 am

In a follow up to our story yesterday about the random attacks of innocent citizens by squirrels in Lake Vista, we are happy to report that 3 squirrels of interest have been taken into custody.

The report that at least 2 different squirrels attacked women leaving St. Pious Catholic Church in Lake Vista on Sunday and the report that another squirrel attacked and bit a Lake Vista man led to other victims coming forward.  There were immediate questions about why these latest alleged victims did not come forward sooner, but the validity of one claim was captured on video.

Many believe that victims of squirrel attacks lose credibility if they do not come forward and immediately report the attack.  The response from some victims has been that when it happens it is so embarrassing that there is a reluctance to report the crime.

Yesterday on our show, we gained a significant amount of new information from the general public about response to the squirrel attacks, including one report that New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu had spoken to President Trump, who said he will build a wall around the city and make the squirrels pay for it.

There was also the predictable bias when some wanted to know what color the squirrels were; and when it was learned they were grey squirrels, many were quick to judge all grey squirrels as evil.

The updated information about 3 squirrels taken into custody has led to the controversy over whether the squirrels were profiled because they are grey.  Consistent with my position, I point out that it is the behavior of the squirrel – not color – that led to incarceration.

Another concern is that the squirrels captured will soon be released allowing them to commit future attacks.  One official commented, “It’s discouraging for us when we bring squirrels in and see them released before they can be brought to justice.”

With 3 squirrel suspects currently in custody, authorities are searching for 3 more believed to be involved in other attacks.

There is growing concern that widespread coverage of the squirrel problem will cause some tourists to reconsider plans of coming to New Orleans, but so far, there is no indication that the recent attacks have led to a decline in hotel reservations.  Although, most are cancelling plans to go on picnics.

For now, citizens are asked to remain vigilant, but not be afraid to live their lives.

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