Scoot: President Trump’s speech was unprecedented

August 23, 2017 - 11:49 am

Prior to the election last year, I often talked about the reasons Donald Trump might win the election.  So it is with a clear understanding of how and why Trump became president that I say last night’s speech in Phoenix was the most vindictive and angry speech I have ever heard a president deliver.  I was stunned.  President Trump reached a new level.  For some it was a high level of condemning politics and draining the swamp, but for others it was a new low level of unbridled hate and anger.

I know this blog, along with what I talk about on the air today, will generate criticism from loyalists of President Trump; but since I am constantly accused of being a ‘Trump supporter” and a “Trump hater, my perspective carries a degree of credibility missing from the totally biased groups and individuals.

There are two primary parts of any communication.  There is the intent of the communication, and there is the way the communication is received.  The two can often be quite different.  Interpreting what someone says is a subjective action, which means that the meaning of any communication is not always universal.  The reception of what President Trump said in last night’s rally speech in Phoenix is either being celebrated or condemned.

In the speech, President Trump reverted back to the divisive attitude about deadly protests in Charlottesville, VA.  What the President said in a well-scripted speech Monday night about uniting all Americans was erased by the words and tone of last night’s speech in Phoenix.

The President ramped up his attack on the media, while promoting the Fox News Channel as the only real news, in particular Fox News host Sean Hannity and the morning show, “Fox & Friends.”  In exchange for the praise, many of those on the Fox News Channel will secure access to the President by continuing to be a promoting wing of the Executive Branch of government. 

President Trump’s criticism of the media and his reference to most media and the “fake news” is part of a relentless campaign to discredit the media in the event President Trump, or his campaign, are ever found to have acted illegally.  It is further intended to discredit the media that report on the President’s gaffes and erratic behavior, as to suggest that it’s the media’s fault and no reflection on his words or actions.

In classic Trump fashion, the President went out of his way to personally attack the physical stature of ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos by emphasizing that he is “Little George” Stephanopoulos.  President Trump is so quick to attack body types that one would get the impression that he is a perfect physical specimen.   Perhaps the Trump ego is so massive that it converts what he sees in the mirror into a perfect human form.

The President’s ego was on full display last night, and the apparent link between Trump’s ego and his decisions can no longer be denied.

Last night, President Trump threatened to shut down the government if he did not get a bill approved to build a wall along the border with Mexico.  He made it clear that he intends to pardon convicted ex-Sheriff from the Phoenix area, Joe Arapio, who was convicted for defying a court order to stop stereotyping Hispanics.  Many in the audience last night totally support Arapio’s actions.

I am concerned about America, not just because of President Trump, but primarily because of the failure to assess reality by the diehard Trump loyalists and the acceptance that actual facts in the media are “fake news.”  Honestly, I’m not sure where we go from here; and that has nothing to do with a Republican in the White House and everything to do with unprecedented performances by a president that are being supported by a swath of America who only think they are being patriotic.

Because I have been fair to Donald Trump, during the campaign and during the beginning of his presidency, I have been criticized for being a “Trump lover.”  I have also been called a “Trump hater” because I have been fair in the recognition that this president is doing and saying things that are begging for honest criticism.  As a radio talk show host, I cannot be controlled by the slurs from either side; and I will continue to do something every “Trump lover” and every “Trump hater” should do, which is to be honest enough to admit when President Trump is right or wrong.


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