Scoot: Floodwaters rise – politics should drown

August 28, 2017 - 10:23 am

Tuesday, August 29, is the 12th anniversary of the nightmare named “Katrina.  With the threat of flooding in the New Orleans area still a real possibility, we have been fortunate enough to escape serious flooding, while a major city directly west of New Orleans is literally underwater.  Houston has a problem.

New Orleans’ history is splatted with devastating flooding – some from hurricanes, but many from just a strong series of heavy thunderstorms, most recently, Saturday, August 5.  As we watch the floodwaters rise in the Houston area, we are both empathetic and relieved.  We are a city of compassion and empathize with the people in neighboring Houston, but it is human instinct to also feel relieved that it’s not us.

As fast as the floodwaters rose in the Houston area, so did the offers of aid from New Orleans.  We do remember how much help our area received from Houston and the state of Texas, and we are willing and ready to help. 

The “Cajun Navy,” citizens with boats, has offered to help rescue some of the many who are trapped by the flooding.  New Orleans Mayor Landrieu and agencies in and around the city have offered help, and the state will offer help even though parts of SW Louisiana are experiencing much of the severe weather spawning off of Harvey.

Disasters bring out the best in a society that too often is seen as lacking humanity.  There is a goodness that lives in many of us that may not surface during the daily grind of trudging through our lives, but it is as if an alarm sounds to raise a human instinct to help others in the face of disaster and suffering.

However, times of trouble also bring out the worst in some people.  Houston-area law enforcement have been rescuing citizens and arresting looters.  We know all about looters here in New Orleans.

The idea of seizing the opportunity during a disaster to steal for personal gain is appalling to most of us who live with a conscience.  Looting may be the ultimate manifestation of entitlement mentality.  Entitlement mentality allows select individuals to take from others what does not belong to them with zero remorse.  They feel justified because they believe they are entitled.  That is a mentality; it is a function of the heart and mind.

The only looting that is justified is the gathering of vital supplies, such as baby diapers or items needed to function in life.  In some situations, honest citizens have looted necessity items out of fear that the disaster would prevent them from being able to purchase the items they needed.  But that is a rare exception.

The positive news is that we, the honest, caring people, far outnumber the evildoers; and it’s important to notice that there are more of us than there are of them.  As politically divided as our nation is, we still have the ability to put aside our politics and see each other as people – as Americans – and not as Republicans, Democrats or other; and that’s a good thing.

Although, if you had to take in a boarder from Houston, wouldn’t it be better if they did share your political opinion.

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