Scoot: Is it the end of the world?

September 08, 2017 - 11:51 am

Predictions of the end of the world have occurred throughout history, and each time the prediction was proven to be wrong.  Some have been so bold that after their prediction of the end of the world did not come true they simply revised their prediction with an explanation of why it didn’t happen the day the end was predicted and why it will be the new revised date.   After each unwavering prediction the world would end - the world did not end and we are still here.

Any person prone to looking for signs the end of the world is near must be experiencing sensory overload right now.

Record-breaking Hurricane Irma is headed to crush Florida, plus, there are 2 other active hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin and one of the storms, Jose, is targeting some of the islands already devastated by Irma.

Three active hurricanes are on the map at the same time, and they are coming shortly after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and south Texas bringing flooding of epic proportions to the area.

Last night, a major 8.1 earthquake shattered parts of Mexico.

Wildfires are raging in the West through California, Washington and Oregon; and the fires come after record hot temperatures in Portland and Seattle that remained in the 90s and low 100s for an extended period. 

This week, Portland, OR has been shrouded in smoke; and the metro area has experienced the raining of ash on the city from a nearby wildfire in an area that is not prone to wildfires because of its evergreen and lush environment.


In New Orleans, we experienced historic flooding on August 5 when homes and businesses were devastated by rainfall reaching Biblical proportions at a time when the city’s pumping system severely compromised.


Anyone looking for signs that the end of the world is near need only turn on the news to get the evidence they need to support their fear and paranoia. 

Adding to these potential signs the end is near, President Trump turned on Republicans and agreed to make a deal with archenemies Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer and Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi.  Could that be a sign?

Further evidence the end of the world may be near came last night last night in the opening game of the NFL’s 2017 season: the Kansas City Chiefs went to New England and upset the Super Bowl defending champs the Patriots in their home stadium!

These recent events are enough to convince any self-proclaimed doomsday prophecy that the end must be near.  For the rest of us, we will continue to pay our bills and live life as if the end is not approaching.

But does the accumulation of recent and pending events lead you to recall the lyrics to the R.E.M. song, It’s The End Of The World As We Know It?

“It's the end of the world as we know it
It's the end of the world as we know it
It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine”


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