Blackout and riots planned for this Saturday in effort to overthrow Trump

November 02, 2017 - 11:14 am

Two days from now on Saturday, November 4, 2017, the federal government is planning a total blackout of all communications that will also render anything with electrical equipment inoperable – including your car.  The blackout will coincide with riots being planned by the anti-fascist group, Antifa. 

The goal is to start a civil war by creating chaos and pandemonium throughout America; and the mainstream media is working with the government by failing to report the plan as fact. 

Videos made by individuals support videos produced by The John Birch Society and other organizations warning America to “stay home and tell your children to do likewise” on Saturday.  A YouTuber identified as “A Glock Fanboy” attracted over 400,000 views to a video clip declaring this Saturday “the first day of the revolution or whatnot.”  Followers were told “we’ve been on the verge of the great war for what seems like forever and I’m just ready to get it going.”

The chaos that starts this Saturday will be the beginning of an orchestrated plan to remove President Trump from office.

One of the sources considered “credible” by many is Alex Jones’ Infowars, which is warning that “Antifa Plans ‘Civil War’ to Overthrow the Government.”  For many Americans, nothing is more credible than Alex Jones’ Infowars.  Scary – but true!

The Department of Defense has scheduled a communications drill using an electromagnetic pulse November 4 – 6, but it is described as a training exercise.  That information has been exaggerated to the point of a massive blackout to be coordinated with Antifa protests to signal the beginning of a civil war.

At a time when the instant availability of information is at the fingertips of virtually every American, belief in misinformation seems to be reaching an all-time high.  Paranoia in America may be greater now than at any point in the past.  No one wants to believe the once-trusted mainstream media, politicians or each other.  Skepticism is rampant in America.

Today, the tendency to believe even the most absurd conspiracy theory has become part of life in this country.  There is paranoia on the right and the left.

The mainstream media is not covering the reported plan for a blackout Saturday as a serious story and that is exactly what leads many to believe it is true.  The idea that the mainstream media is not covering the story further feeds the theory that the government is secretly planning chaos in America this weekend.

If you believe the reports that there will be a blackout and riots as a prelude to overthrow the Trump Administration – I suggest that you plan the way you would plan for a hurricane.  Make sure you have non-perishable items and water to feed you and your family for several days.  Stock up on ammo for your guns to help thwart a government takeover.  And most of all find a safe padded room for you and your family because you are obviously nuts!

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