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Scoot: Exposing the Trump lie about the border policy

All presidents lie, but that doesn’t make it right and when a sitting president lies. It should be pointed out, talked about and highly criticized. In fact, the story we were all told when we were young in school was that our first president, George Washington, never told a lie. His father saw a... Read More

Scoot: Is this the Trump tipping point?

President Donald Trump has survived controversies that would have brought down most other politicians. If news of alleged sex with a porn star does not taint the popularity of a sitting president, you have to wonder if anything would strike at a president’s popularity. But that may be changing. Has... Read More

Scoot: Did we win the Trump-Kim summit?

The dictionary is filled with descriptive words to sum up the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore, but the most accurate word might be drama. There were the pre-summit shows with formats and build-ups that paralleled any good NFL pregame show. Then the game - I mean the summit – began; and while there... Read More

Scoot: F*** Trump: how does it hurt America

“F*** Trump” were the words actor Robert De Niro used as he prepared to introduce Bruce Springsteen at last night’s Tony Awards. De Niro, a long-time vocal critic of President Trump, came to the podium at the Tony Awards and said, “I’m gonna say one thing. F*** Trump. It’s no longer down with Trump... Read More

Scoot: The Topcats: 35 years together!

In every city, local cover bands come and go, but there are always a few local bands that develop a following and become regulars at fairs, festivals, weddings and nightclubs in their city. New Orleans has a few local bands that have a strong fan base and are in demand in other cities, but of all... Read More

Scoot: Anthony Bourdain dies of suicide...Why?

The theme song from the movie M.A.S.H. is wrong - suicide is NOT painless. News this morning that iconic celebrity chef and globe trotter Anthony Bourdain was dead at the age of 61 from an apparent suicide was especially shocking following the suicide of fashion icon Kate Spade just days before... Read More

Scoot: Did 1968 tell us we will survive 2018?

During most of my Memorial Day Weekend, I was in a self-imposed exile in my apartment in downtown New Orleans. Part of my reclusion included watching the new CNN series “1968: The Year That Changed America.” The reminder on my SOTA (Scoot On The Air) Facebook page that the series was on this... Read More