In That Number: Where the Saints rank after Week 10

November 21, 2018 - 9:54 am

By: Jordan Fiegel

It was another dominant performance on both sides of the ball for the New Orleans Saints in their beatdown of the Philadelphia Eagles.  48-7.  546-196 yards.

Here’s where the Saints rank after Week 10.


Scoring Offense: 37.8 points/game, #1

After scoring 48 against the Eagles, the Saints remained top dogs here, gaining over a whole point per game.  The Los Angeles Rams and Kansas City Chiefs both inched closer after their 54-51 Monday night thriller. 

Total Offense: 427.1 yards/game, #4

The Saints moved up a spot here, and it’s not surprising after they racked up 546 yards.  That makes back-to-back games with over 500 yards for the Black and Gold.  Could they make it three in a row?  The Falcons defense is a lowly #29.

Passing Offense: 295.7 yards/game, #6

It was another great game for Drew Brees, who threw for 363 yards.  He has been on a roll, and the Saints are getting closer to the 300 passing yards per game mark.  Brees will have a golden opportunity to carve up a bottom 5 Falcons secondary.

Rushing Offense: 131.4 yards/game, #6

This is the most impressive offensive stat for the Saints.  Two weeks ago, the Saints were in the middle of the pack, averaging 112.1 yards per game.  Now they’re bordering on a top 5 rushing attack and averaging almost 20 more yards per game.  Mark Ingram has certainly helped, running for over 100 yards in both games.


Scoring Defense: 23.9 points/game, #15

And this is the most impressive stat overall for the Saints.  A month ago, New Orleans allowing 27.2 points per game and was down at #27.  In the four games since then, opposing teams have scored more than 20 points just once; and the Saints have given up a combined 21 points in the last two games.

Total Defense: 358.2 yards/game, #16

The Black and Gold have been up and down in this category; and this week, they’re up.  Holding the defending Super Bowl champs to under 200 yards of offense will tend to do that.  In their first three games after the bye week, the defense gave up at least 350 yards (and gave up over 400 yards in two of the three).  In the last two games, they’ve given up 284 yards and 196 yards.

Passing Defense: 280.3 yards/game, #27

While the Saints are near the bottom here, they’ve seen improvement.  Last week, they were #31; this week, they’re #27.  They’re doing well enough.

Rushing Defense: 77.9 yards/game, #2

The Saints run defense has (hopefully temporarily) given up its crown.  The Chicago Bears had been inching closer and closer to take the top spot; and they finally did it, by a tenth of a point.  Despite dropping to #2, the Saints defense improved their rushing yards per game from 80.1 to 77.9.  I don’t think anybody is really going to complain about that.

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